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sake, anyone? ^_^;

Kon-nichiwa! My name is Tae. I own the Akabeko restaurant in Tokyo. I'm glad that you found my page dedicated to all my friends. Nani? You want to know more about...me?

Ano...err...may I offer you some sake? Maybe you'd like to know more about my friend Kaoru? Or Sano? *blushes* ... oh... err... you're not supposed to know about that... so, how about that sake? ^_^; Well, I guess the truth's out... I guess it's kind of hard to hide from that sort of thing when your page has a Shrine dedicated to Sano-sama *claps hand over mouth* Err... that wasn't supposed to... ano... I might as well just say it. SANOSUKE DAI SUKE DESU!!! There, I said it. Now we can go on with our lives, ne?

I *love* this pic!

Sanosuke is one of my favorite people in the entire world... although he *could* try paying his bill every now and then... -_-; I can't be mad at him, though... how can you stay mad at "a guy whose idea of a shirt is bandages and an open jacket"... He's so tall, and handsome... I can even forgive the chicken-hair, because it looks so good on him. Nani? Oh, yeah... this is supposed to be about me, ne? Really, my sole existance is *not* centered around Sanosuke... really... *glares* ...

Me as me, and no one else. I promise. I first got into Rurouni Kenshin because of my friend, who thinks Kenshin is one of the most beautiful men in the world. No comment. Well, Kenshin is good-enough looking as Battousai, or when he's possessed by that spirit, and he gets that look in his eyes, and his hair all of a sudden turns really beautiful, and his shirt... *blushes* ... oh... um... But Kenshin as Kenshin, looks like a girl on a normal basis... don't hurt me! I concede, he's damn sexy as Battousai, there's no denying it.

Oh, yeah, me. I'm still trying to get a straight answer as to why fansubs are now illegal in the U.S. That's not fair! They're not even going to DO the whole "Samauri X" crap anymore! The point is, I've seen my friend's original Japanese RK tapes of the very first part of the show and almost all of the Kyoto arc. And I now own a copy of my other dear friend's fan-subbed tape of the first four episodes. ^_^ I have book 1 and book 3 of the animanga (anime artbooks, sort of) My friend also got me Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the Japanese RK manga for me, and I'm *very* happy.

I'm trying to think if there's anything else I wanted to say... *looks down at a table of empty sake bottles* oh... err... -_-; Was I rambling? I'll just clean this up, now. *cough* ... well, I'll see you later! And don't you *dare* leave before you pay your bill. Wait! Come back here! grrrrr.... -_-;

P.S. In some parts of the universe, this is called "fanart". In reality, this is me taking free reign on the poor charcters of RK, Sano and Kenshin (and the kanru for "oro") when I should've been studying Economics. =b The odd scribbles in the middle of the page are my attempts to explain to my friend why Kenshin doesn't kill people on a normal basis with the *other* side of his sword. -_-; The best I came up with was that it would look weird if he used his sword backwards. Hmmm. Ignore those scribbles. And the really pscychotic picture of Kenshin. My favorite is the one of Sano in the lower right-hand corner. So I'm not the best artist in the world, and I can't... you shut up! Hesh. This is what I get for showing my doodles. =b I don't like you anymore.

P.P.S. If you want to see some good fanart, this is a sketch my friend did of Kenshin off of my wallscroll. You'll have to excuse it, though: it's *really* faint, since she has yet to INK IT!!! and it was done on notebook paper, so... I'll scan a better version of it later as soon as she INKS IT!!! (*hint* *hint*) She's a prolific artist, so I'm probably going to have to set up a special fanart gallery, as well as a place for her wonderful (as yet uncreated) Battousai shrine... -_-; ... eventually... you know me...

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