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Why? because we like you...

All of these pictures have been scanned in personally by *me* from my own animanga books and manga (see the "ME" section for more information).
If you are interested in using any of them, please e-mail me.

anime kenshin
comics from back pages of book 3 of 3
comics from back pages of book 1 of 3
piratess profile
awesome portraits of the rivals
portrait of the Ten Swords
More soon!

manga kenshin
Kenshin & Kaoru talking on the bridge
image of the spy, Hiruma
Kaoru beating up on Kenshin
kirei Kaoru with stars
awesome registers of Kenshin attacking
More! (scroll down, please!)


Coming soon!


Kenshin's leaving?!
Kamiya Dojo: Kaoru, Kenshin, and Hiruma
the gumi goes out to eat; oh look! it's Tae!
Kenshin has just cost Kaoru-dono all her potential students.
Kenshin Gumi eating, being annoyed by a bunch of drunks
She can't *still* be mad at him! Kenshin! kawaii!
You can't be mad at a guy who can also effectively subdue drunks!
For the same reason, you have to love Sano!
Kenshin stalks off to save his lady love.
What? This lady love he's saving... isn't Kaoru???
More registers of the gumi's encounter with the drunks... and Sano...
The manga version of my favorite picture of Sano & Tae...
"What's your opinion on getting really shit-faced and then hitting women?"

Well, that's all I have for now!
Do you want to see more scans of Kenshin making funny faces?
More scans of the villains? More scans of fights?
Any requests at all??? e-mail me!

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