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While trying to write my own episode summaries,
I came across these I originally started reading
just for "inspiration" ^_^ ... Well, I've decided that
these are much better than mine. Maybe later when I have
all the free time in the world, I'll finish doing mine.
So, enough with the apologies...these are the best episode
summaries I've seen on the Web, so here they are:

Episode Summaries by Lynne

And as an addition...while I'm directly linking to other's
pages, here are some *really* good Manga translations that
go up to the Revenge Arc (thorugh Vol. 17). I didn't plan on
writing manga summaries, but who knows? ^_^ Oh, for free time!

Maigo-chan's RK Manga Translations

And for Revenge series RK Act 196 on...
Miko's RK Translations

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