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Josta Chick's page of Josta

This is a very old website about a long extinct soda.

I don't think Josta is coming back!

  • You can try to order josta from large stores
  • Write a letter to your local Pepsi-Cola bottler about josta
  • Fax a letter to: (817) 459-2378 Attention: PepsiCo Internet Sourcing Center
  • Call 1-800-433-2652 and tell them you love josta!
  • Probably it wasn't healthy even though it was delicious, I give up!
  • Write to: Pepsi-Cola Company
    One Pepsi Way
    Somers, NY 10589


Pepsico spokesman, Brad Shaw was quoted saying: "It's almost got a cult following. Obviously that pleases us" in reference to Josta.



Josta was a test market pepsi product. A tasty and unusual soda, introduced in 1995, containing Guarana (a Brazilian berry). It has been killed and the results calculated, and boy was pepsi disappointed. The soda didn't do so hot in most areas. The consumers have spoken...or at least tried. If enough consumer demand is generated, what company wouldn't fill the demand?

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  • Mearple's Jostafarian site
    (He offers the commercial!)

  • Part of my collection.
    Association for Josta Saving

    Erin was a proud member of the Association for Josta Saving while it lasted.

    Many other people were part of this association founded by Azure.