Eek the Cat!
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Eek! Stravaganza is my favorite television show! I used to enjoy Eek on standard television, but all Eek sources diminished and I am unable to catch up with him. The adorable and humorous cartoon was on the Fox Family channel under the coded title The basement. The first half of the show is about cute and cuddly Eek and his misadventures in helping others. Eek's phrase "It never hurts to help" proves itself incorrect in his case over and over.

The second half of the show is The Terrible Thuder Lizards. These are sophistacated dinosaurs determined to destory the unwitting humans, Bill and Scooter. The humans make this half worth watching for me. I find myself hoping for their survival and rolling with laughs at them. Scooter is quite the inventor and Bill is usually the guinnea pig (as well as Jungle Slug food). It's a hoot, I urge you to check it out for yourself, be patient it may take a few episodes before you can get into it.

Eek the Cat

Eek and girlfriend, Annabel

Bill and Scooter(Bill is the red head)

Eek! Stravaganza is copywrited by Fox Kids Network.