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The Actual Plane Wreckage
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TWA 800 - Missile Website Roadmap

The Roadmap guides you to websites containing information supporting the TWA Flight 800 Missile Theory. The mainstream media has done little independent investigation, but YOU can read the "rest of the story". Judge for yourself, there's plenty out there.

Website Guided Tours
New TWA 800: The ONLY Truth New
Problems with the Government's Theory
Commander Donaldson's Letters to the NTSB and FBI
The Unusual Secrecy Surrounding the Witness Reports
The Unidentified Ships Near the TWA 800 Explosion
President Clinton's Executive Order 13039

Best Sites:
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Missile Theory

Websites Listed Alphabetically

Accuracy in Media (AIM):

AIM Special Report - TWA Flight 800 First in the alphabet and also a great place to start. Lots of recent links. Accuracy In Media is an organization promoting fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting. This site has links to numerous Donaldson articles.
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News articles written by Mark K. Anderson :

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News articles written by Robert Davey:

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TWA 800 - What Really Happened Description: Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Retired, challenges the Official Investigation on the cause of the crash of TWA Flight 800. Donaldson has extensive experience as a US Navy crash investigator and since mid 1997, has been working with the Association of Retired Aviation Professionals and other concerned aviation professionals to produce the Interim Report to the Aviation Subcommittee of the House of Representatives. Initially released on July 16th, 1998, the latest update of this report can be found here. This site is updated as new information comes to light.

A Summary of the Donaldson Report Facts From another site.

Commander Donaldson's Flight 800 Report Refutes NTSB Mechanical failure theory out the window. From the Winds site.

This 109 page report was published with Adobe Acrobat. You will need to install the free Acrobat Reader to view the report. It is probably easiest to Download the entire report then print or view it on your computer. You can also view parts of the report online with the Adobe plug-in to your browser, but be patient it can be slow.

Another way to view the report online is to look at individual scanned pages. Click here for the Table of Contents or the Summary Page.

You can also hear Commander Donaldson and others via internet radio or read excerpts from the Mike Jarmus Show May 24, 1998

Commander Donaldson's TWA 800 Letters is an enlightening chronology of Commander Donaldson's correspondence with the government's TWA Flight 800 investigation.

Full Page Advertisement published by the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals in the New York Times on October 18, 1998. Print it out to support their efforts.

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TWA Flight 800 - How The Conspiracy Theory Started From the site: As USA Today (10/31/96) said, "Richard Russell, a retired United Airline pilot and former crash investigator, shouldn't have been surprised when an authoritative sounding e-mail he sent to fewer than a dozen friends Aug. 22--claiming a government cover- up in the crash of TWA Flight 800--was copied across the 'Net." The article also says he sticks by his report, but must protect his source.

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Free Republic:

TWA Flight 800 ForumWhile this is not exactly a TWA 800 missile site, there is a lot of pertinent information here. From the site: ...We hope to involve you in the process. If you believe that an informed public is the first step in returning to a Free Republic, and that this is the way to ensure that we remain free, then we hope you will help us make this a useful and active forum. Please join us in seeking out and disseminating the truth. Please join a discussion group in our forum . Registration is quick, easy, and free. Come tell the world what you think and/or link the world to your homepage or to your favorite links.

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Ian Goddard was a pioneer in reporting on the TWA missile theory. Pioneers are the first to see new territory, but they also get arrows and even more arrows in their backs. Here are a few links to get to the heart of Goddard's work:

FBI Agent Admits TWA 800 Cover-up. Published October 10, 1998 by Ian Williams Goddard. From the article:

After first claiming that no Navy assets were in the area accept a P-3 Orion aircraft, the Navy then admi- tted that they had three submarines in the area.[10] After first claiming that there were no military man- euvers in the area that night [11], months later the Navy admitted that there were. [10] In addition, TWA 800 researcher Tom Shoemaker proved that there was a large-scale wargame in the area during July 17, 1996 [12], and private investigator James Sanders learned through his inside contacts that the Navy was testing advanced anti-missile technologies that evening. [13]

Now, after claims that the closest Navy ship was 185 miles away, comes the admission that Navy ships were in fact within 3 to 6 miles of the TWA 800 crash, in the very area from which witnesses saw a missile rise.
TWA 800 Case Core Click on a witness location and go to the witness' story.

TWA Flight 800 and facts pertaining to US Navy culpability The first edition of this page was published Nov. 9, 1996.

Ian Goddard's Anti-authoritarian Journal Find links to other Goddard articles including:

  • Itís Proven TWA 800 Investigation cover-up: The Proof. (January 6, 1997)
  • Five Pilots TWA 800 Missile Theory Stronger Than Ever. (July 17, 1997)
  • Opportunity TWA 800 cover-up - Motive and Opportunity - Facts and Logic. (April 13, 1998)
  • It Accelerates More Evidence Disappears. (April 23, 1998)
  • Navy Drone Debris Navy missile drone debris found at TWA crash site. (July 28, 1997)
  • Disappeared The disappeared TWA 800 researcher. Excerpts from: THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE (October 28, 1997). Man's Disappearance Remains a Mystery By Mark Henry.
  • Crash Analysis Crash damage analysis.
  • A Pilotís Report TWA Flight 800: A Pilot's Report.
  • FBIís Rigged Logic THE FBIís TWA 800 investigation is being directed by an outdated, ineffective, and flawed standard of logic.
  • Terrorist Theory From the page: I have been warned/threatened that if I donít stop saying the U.S. Government may be killing people, or if I donít present alternatives to the TWA 800 incident other than U.S. Navy culpability, I might be (a) killed or (b) arrested for treason should it be concluded that TWA 800 was shotdown by a foreign government.

The Goddard Chronicles Numerous Goddard articles can be found chronologically.

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Richard Hirsch's Flight 800 Series Articles posted at the Free Republic site:

Flight 800 Investigation Papers From the website: The Flight 800 Investigation Papers by Richard Hirsch. This website contains a series of papers on subjects which are relevant to the Flight 800 disaster over the Atlantic Ocean on July 17, 1996 approximately 10 miles off the shore of Long Island. The papers contain information gleaned from the print media, contact with other citizen investigators on the web, 747 mechanics, Jet A Fuel testing and more. The purpose of the papers is to cut through the immense amount of information being fed to the public by lazy reporters who pass on what they are told without checking the facts. Articles include:

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Mike Hull makes a comprehensive and compelling case for the "terrorist" missile theory. This site is well referenced and kept up-to-date. The timelines, news reports and quotes provide an excellent historical perspective for both the terrorist missile theory as well as the overall investigation. Start with the intro. Read the history of Commander Donaldson's early involvement with the investigation in The Donaldson File. The letters between Donaldson and the NTSB are enlightening. Hull details Senator Traficant's actions and provides interesting background info on terrorist-in-the-news Osama bin Laden.

The main body of this website is The Hull Thread, which describes in detail links to numerous articles (Note: Some titles are changed to be more descriptive of content):

Eyewitness: The Investigation:
  • The Donaldson File From the site: This file contains an historical record of the development of Cdr. Donaldson's technical analyses of the Flight 800 downing prior to the writing of the July 17, 1998 report for the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure - Subcommittee on Aviation - U.S. House of Representatives. Here you can trace the development of his ideas on the cause of this incident and you can read the background behind the discovery of the evidence from the flight data recorders that a missile exploded off the left wing of the aircraft. Included in this file are letters Cdr. Donaldson wrote to the NTSB as his investigation was proceeding and while he was in the process of trying to determine the technical facts.
  • Kallstrom Letter to Hall on Baltimore Hearings From the site: Text of Letter from Kallstrom to Hall on Baltimore Hearings as Reported in the Flight-800 Discussion List. Read for yourself why the FBI suppressed eyewitness testimony at the NTSB's "public" hearing.
  • A Farewell to Kallstrom From the site: The article traces Kallstrom's journey from his promise to bring the "cowardly scum" to justice until he became the pitch man for the CIA and departed for a job with a credit card company and a position as a CBS consultant.
Missile Reports:
  • A Tale of Two Tapes (New: 8/8/98 Updated: 8/16/98) - Prior to the downing of TWA 800 in July 1996 a missile was fired at an aircraft in the vicinity of Long Island in November 1995. Also, only months after the downing of TWA 800, a missile was fired at an aircraft in the vicinity of Long Island in November 1996. Transcripts of ATC tapes. Read for yourself.
  • Two Projectiles From the site: This was the first published account to suggest that more than a single missile was involved in the downing of TWA 800. The report by Cdr. Donaldson to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure - Subcommittee on Aviation - U.S. House of Representatives (see above) provides conclusive technical evidence of this scenario.
  • Four in a Row and All Ascending From the site: As early as November 1995 strange objects were seen in the skies over Long Island. By December 1996 there were four in a row and all ascending .......
  • Missile/Rocket Reports Numerous accounts of missile and rocket sightings.
  • Maryland, Mistral, Meyer and the Middle East From the site: Back in October 1994 the Maryland State bomb squad dealt with an interesting French object...
  • Suicide Bombers and TWA 800 From the site: Knowing that he would be convicted and sent to prison for life with no future opportunity to state his case in public, Ghazi Ibrahim Abu Maizar, against the advice of his attorney, took the stand at his trial in Brooklyn to state that he had planned to kill as many Jews as possible in a suicide bomb attack, though he insisted not on the subway. He also confessed to knowledge about the downing of TWA 800 which was received with "skepticism" since Federal officials had not found a "criminal" act associated with this disaster.
  • Threads from "The Hull Thread" Numerous accounts of terrorist activity.
  • Links between TWA 800 and Islamic JihadFrom the site: The links between the TWA 800 downing and Islamic Jihad are further developed showing how activities in Florida and London are related to the bombing [of] a Jewish community center in Argentina, and the bombing of the World Trade Center. The key figures, Ramsey Yousef and Sheikh Rahman, are seen to have been funded by bin Laden.
  • Strange links in three calendars with TWA 800 From the site: A highly speculative article which hints that numerous terrorist incidents related to and including the downing of TWA 800 fall on anniversary dates in the Gregorian, Hijri, and Jewish calendars.
  • London, Islamic Jihad, and TWA 800 From the site: The United Kingdom has permitted terrorists to establish major funding operations in London and those operations are linked to Islamic Jihad, and TWA Flight 800.
  • Iran's Revenge From the site: Iran had a very specific reason to support international terrorism in its attack on an American or Israeli airliner. In July 1988 the USS Vincennes shot down Iran Air Flight 655.
  • Khobar Towers From the site: The Strange Case of the Khobar Towers Bombing.
Musings From the site: Gathered here are ten short items surrounding the TWA 800 disaster.
Scroll down to the bottom of "The Hull Thread" page to see links to the EVENTS DATABASE USED IN THE HULL THREAD and other SUPPORTING ITEMS
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Trying to objectively investigate suspicious situations This is actually just a part of the "secrets" section of a large and very interesting site. Also intriguing about this site is it's author, Brian Nunn the son of Senator Sam Nunn.

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TWA Flight 800 Disaster: Cover-up? This site contains articles by Reed Irvine, Scott Hogenson, James Sanders, Ian Goddard, J. Orlin Grabbe, Matt Drudge, Pat Milton and others unnamed.

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Max Kennedy's Website Eclectic collection of TWA 800 material. Has not been updated for a while.

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Removal of Evidence by the Navy and FBI J. Greg Miller's article dated December 17, 1997 is physically on Hirsch's site. From the article: I believe that the Navy used a long series of excuses to prevent divers (even most of their own) from entering the water for 4 days following the destruction of TWA flight 800. This was done to conceal the work of the divers from SEAL Team Two as they collected and modified or destroyed all evidence that would connect the destruction of the airplane to the live fire missile exercises that were going on the night of 7/17/96. The author backs up his opinion with interesting facts.

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TWA Flight 800: What Really Happened? From the site: As the TWA 800 investigation became more and more focused on mechanical theories for explaining the aircraft's destruction, these theories have become less and less plausible, almost to the point of absurdity. I'm not sure that the government is trying to hide something, but as the investigation drags on, I become more convinced that the explosion was not caused by a source internal to the fuel tank, and may not have been internal to the aircraft.

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The Press-Enterprise is a local newspaper serving southern California. They are one of only a few newspapers courageous enough to pursue this story. This kind of investigative reporting is sadly missing from mainstream media reporting. Here are some of their excellent articles list chronologicaly:
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Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile? Description from Tom Shoemaker's site: Michael Rivero's Flight 800 Site [is] a huge resource of information on TWA 800. Even a cursory reading will demonstrate many explanations to account for the vitality and legitimacy of the theory that a missile brought down TWA 800. There is always something new and thought-provoking here. Slow loading, but worth the wait. The large number of excellent links in this site make it worth your time. This site is so large it needs it's own search engine. Topics include:

Military Activity:

Articles pertaining to TWA 800 cover-up: Articles pertaining to past cover-ups: Evidence: The Mysterious Red Residue: Radar Evidence: Debris Field: News Articles:
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James Sanders does not have a website, but he did write a book The Downing Of TWA Flight 800.

He sometimes writes email: A Synopsis of the Government's Handling of the Red Residue Written September 10, 1998.

Sanders also does radio. Here are transcripts and articles from the Michael Reagan Radio Talk Show Website:

Hear for yourself a Real Audio broadcast of a recent James Sanders interview by way of Michael Reagan July 30, 1998. Scroll down the page and click on July 30, 1998 - What do you think brought down T.W.A. flight 800? James Sanders has the answers.

And finally Sanders has the dubious distinction of being prosecuted for his part in the missile theory investigation:

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TWA Flight 800 From the site: ... wreckage was recovered from the sea floor and the plane mostly reconstructed. One would have thought that such a close examination would reveal the cause, but, strangely, there has been no official conclusion. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a bright object "streaking" towards the 747, and said that the object altered course as it approached the jet. This obviously suggested a missile attack, and in the succeeding months this possibility was considered in some press reports (the New York Times, 96-07-19; the Washington Times, 96-07-24; the New York Post, 96-09-22). But government authorities have strongly resisted the missile theory, attempting to convince the public that the cause was mechanical failure.

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TWA Flight 800 Case Files - Tom Shoemaker A History of the TWA Flight 800 Disaster Investigations. This site is so large it has it's own site search option. The numerous links are:

Monthly Newsletters:

  • October 1998 - Putting Things to Bed From the article:
    [This] throws confidence in the truthfulness of statements by official government spokesmen concerning the definitive laboratory identification of the Sanders samples as adhesive into doubt. From this quote one can infer the objective of the NTSB of "putting the thing to bed" took precedence over the empirical testing of the Sanders samples. The NTSB had access to the samples, ample available time, equipment, and technical personnel, but it chose not to employ them in analysis of the Sanders fabric samples. Instead, the empirical evaluation of those materials was shelved in favor of "putting the thing to bed"...while public official pronouncements clearly made the representation the samples had been tested and identified as adhesive. It appears this topic was massaged with deceptive representations of the true nature of the official fabric testing...either in the laboratory or in the official public pronouncements.
  • September 1998 - Framing the Question From the article:
    ...illustration of the government's fundamental technique for shifting attention away from the core issues involved in the matter of the red residues was received this week. Its author is investigator/author James Sanders, an individual who has had considerable experience with questions related to the red residues.
  • August 1998 - A Shaky House of Cards? From the article:
    ...three of the government's foundation stones previously used to connect its investigative house of cards to a confident public posture of credibility [have] catastrophically collapsed.
  • July 1998 - "That Massive Jumble" From the article:
    "Senior law enforcement officials said no cockpit in previous accidents resembled the 6-foot-high, 10-foot-wide mass of debris. They said a large metal beam from the rear of the Boeing 747 is inexplicably lodged in the center of the cockpit wreckage, which one official likened to a metallic ball of twine that investigators would have to unravel.""
  • June 1998 - There's a Reason From the article:
    ..."There's a good reason the Flight 800 friendly fire theory hasn't gone away -- it still makes the most sense. One of the reasons it makes the most sense is that its implications are supported by the curious behaviors of the Department of Defense, the FBI, and the NTSB which have consistently shown patterns of deception when deception would not have been innocently called for.
  • May 1998 - Multiple Articles
    1. Editorial: The Drama Continues,
    2. NTSB TWA Flight 800 Seating Chart,
    3. USS Normandy Log Revealed,
    4. Residue Test Results

  • April 1998 - Multiple articles
    1. We Get the Media We Deserve: From the article: "Was the NTSB's TWA Flight 800 investigation really "meticulous"? If that is true, then the Chicago Fire was a masterpiece of a thoughtfully designed urban renewal project."
    2. The MacArthur/Islip Airport Radar Antenna
    3. Be the First Parson to Collect All Versions of the NTSB Investigation!

  • March 1998 - The Drone Faxes From the article:
    "Last Summer reporter W. Michael Pitcher of "The Southampton Press" newspaper broke the story of a Riverhead, Long Island resident who mistakenly received faxes of official documents related to the federal TWA Flight 800 investigation. The resident, Dede Muma, had a telephone line connected to her own fax machine with a number close to the number being used to direct investigation-related faxes to FBI and other personnel on Long Island. A transposition of the last two digits in the intended destination's phone number by the sender connected the sending fax machine to Ms. Muma's fax machine instead."
  • February 1998 - One Year Anniversary Special Agents, Magic Moments From the article:
    "The last week of January marked the one-year anniversary of my "interview - questioning - interrogation" by the FBI in regard to TWA Flight 800. It was a 90 minutes to remember...and, since I still do, I want to memorialize the experience with a retrospective account of the day the FBI came to town with my name at the top of the note pad. Over the past 52 weeks I have marveled how I was able win the undivided attention of Special Agents M. and L. whereas actual eyewitnesses to the explosion and burning of TWA Flight 800 couldn't seem to catch a break in attempting to flag down an FBI agent in listening mode."
  • January 1998 - Since Baltimore From the article:
    "[The] Achilles Heel of the federal TWA Flight 800 investigation was and is the discernible unwillingness of the federal investigators to meet questions and criticisms with well-reasoned and comprehensive responses which can be independently verified."
  • December 1997 - NTSB at Baltimore: A Non-Sequitur? From the article:
    "A great concern within the NTSB now that the December 8, 1997 Baltimore hearing looms before it as one of - if not the most important - milestones along the way to closing its investigation, is how to reconcile their bogus centerfuel- tank-explosion-as-the-initiator-of-everything theory for the destruction of TWA 800 with their own databases of recovered wreckage."
  • November 1997 - More Witness Information Comes Forward From the article:
    "...after the enigmatic pattern of FBI witness interviews, tardy sharing of mostly redacted witness interviews with other agencies, the apparent disinterest of the NTSB to aggressively pursue independent interviews, and the prostrated laxness of the greater majority of the media in locating witnesses themselves, it is a very positive experience to read these three accounts."
  • October 1997 - Visualizing East Coast Military Warning Areas: Part II From the article:
    "Additional points of interest in the context of military exercises along the east coast of the United States in the summer of 1996 are the observations of an American yachtsman in the vicinitiy the day before the TWA Flight 800 disaster reported by "Press-Enterprise" reported David Hendrix (see: Flight skirted restricted area ), indicating the carrying out of naval exercises by foreign (Allied) ships in U.S. littoral waters off Long Island one day before the disaster."
  • September 1997 - Visualizing East Coast Military Warning Areas: Part I At least five areas along the East Coast of the United States were active and available for military exercises at the time TWA 800 took off on July 17, 1996.

  • August 1997 - A Conversation with a Friend From the article:
    "...the obliviousness of the NTSB to the early detection of explosive residue traces inside and outside the destroyed aircraft, press inquiries revealed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms also had not received any explosives residue information until AFTER Francis' televised admission of an informational firewall between his "lead agency" and the FBI."
  • July 1997 - New Leads in TWA 800 Case From the article:
    "The intent of this article was twofold: first, to share information that a military exercise involving the North-East coast of the United States took place in mid-July, 1996, and involved assets of normally-widely separated military units later found to have been co-witnesses of TWA 800's destruction, and, second, to encourage [the public] to either initiate or intensify your efforts to help resolve the questions above by locating and sharing attributed, independently scrutinized documentary proofs"
  • June 1997 - Submarines Off Long Island Surface From the article:
    "On March 21, 1997, 8 months after the destruction of TWA 800, the U.S. Navy and FBI disclosed that, contrary to their denials of the previous two-thirds of a year, there had been multiple submarines operating in the waters around Long Island at the time of the disaster. Additionally, in what was either an unusually candid statement or accidental admission, these sources confirmed that war games were in progress close to TWA 800 at the time of the accident."
  • May 1997 - New Information on the Aer Lingus Flight 712 From the article:
    "It is my contention much can be learned about TWA 800 by examining two earlier incidents involving the unsolved crashes of aircraft: the crash of the Aer Lingus Viscount Flight 712, the "St. Phelim", on March 24, 1968, and the crash of an Itavia DC-9 (Flight 870) near the island of Ustica on June 27, 1980." (See Unsolved Air Disasters.)
  • April 1997 - 9 Months What have the almost nine months of study of the TWA 800 crash revealed to the public?

Archives Topics include:

TWA 800 Case Files: site search This engine will allow you to search the contents of all the available documents at this site.

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The Science of the TWA 800 Investigation A scientific look at crucial pieces in the TWA Flight 800 puzzle.

Mining Company Website Article May 10, 1999: Interview with Tom Stalcup by A.G. Dunham
From the article:

"The NTSB put science aside in order 'to put the thing to bed'."

Tom Stalcup is one of those people that believes there's much more to the TWA 800 disaster than mechanical failure. Stalcup is a researcher at the Magnetics Lab at Florida State University. He is the representing the Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization, an ad hoc group of over 35 citizens with diverse areas of technical expertise that formed more than a year ago in response to perceived problems in the official investigation
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Flight 800 vs Shadow: Implications Of Friendly Fire H. Michael Sweeney's site. Original articles include:

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Peter Weissbach From the TWA 800 Special Report website: On March 10, 1997 National syndicated radio talk show host, Peter Weissbach (heard on KOGO AM 600 in southern California, 3pm-6pm) held an exclusive interview with the managing editor of the Press-Enterprise, about the story and the new information it uncovered. On March 11, 1997, Peter Weissbach held an exclusive interview with the primary source for the Press-Enterprise story, retired Police officer, James Sanders. Mr. Sanders acquired a small strip of material covering one of the passenger seats. A red rubber powder was apparent. In January, he took one sample of the residue from seats in rows 17-19 to West Coast Analytical Service, Inc., in Santa Fe Springs.

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News Articles from "The Winds" (World Internet News Distributory Service) website:
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Articles by Edward Zehr:
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