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TWA 800 - Missile Website Roadmap: Revision History

The TWA 800 Missile Website Roadmap is a guide to websites containing information supporting the TWA Flight 800 Missile Theory. This is the history of changes and additions to the site.

May 12, 1999:
Added link to excellent article in the [Stalcup] section.
Added Flight 800 Independent Researchers Organization mail list
Also added one more ONLY Truth
Seat covers were ONLY thrown in the trash by mistake.
(This was revealed in Senate hearings on May 10, 1999.}

May 5, 1999:
Added Flight 800: "The ONLY Truth"
Also updated many broken links.
The downside to linking to many other pages is that addresses change and pages disappear.
I will update addresses that change and keep the links to what has disappeared as a record of what was.

November 17, 1998:
Added President Clinton's Executive Order 13039. Also added Download this site.

November 11, 1998:
Added Big Problems with the Government's Theory

November 8, 1998:
Added descriptions for Richard Hirsch's Flight 800 Series Articles posted at the Free Republic site.
Added the What can YOU do? page.
Added two Hirsch articles to the Independent Investigator Websites section of The Unusual Secrecy Surrounding the Witness Reports.

October 30, 1998:
Added TWA 800 Missile Topic: The Unusual Secrecy Surrounding the Witness Reports.

October 24, 1998:
Added new information to TWA 800 Missile Topic: The Mystery Ships. Added new Goddard article. Added October Shoemaker newsletter, and added Shoemaker content descriptions and put Shoemaker newsletters in reverse chronoligical order. Added Full Page Advertisement published by the Associated Retired Aviation Professionals in the New York Times to the Donaldson site.

October 7, 1998:
Added October WINDS article and improved all of the WINDS article descriptions.

October 6, 1998:
Improved the article descriptions on the Press-Enterprise site. Added the Most Up-to-date and Active Sites section to the List.

October 3, 1998:
Added Commander Donaldson's TWA 800 Letters to the Donaldson section.

September 26, 1998:
Added TWA 800 Missile Topic: The Mystery Ships

September 24, 1998:
Added Stalcup and InfoManage sites. Added links to the August and September Shoemaker Newsletters.

September 3, 1998:
Added links to 5 more Anderson articles.

August 31, 1998:
Hull site guide completely rewritten, 21 content links added. Net-Minder automatic email notification added.

August 27, 1998:
29 content links added for the Shoemaker site, 26 for the Hirsch site and 35 for the Rivero site. Miller site added.

August 25, 1998:
Donaldson site guide improved. Sanders and Reagan sites added.

August 24, 1998:
14 content links added to Goddard sites.

August 23, 1998:
Site first published.

TWA 800 - Missile Website Roadmap

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