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TWA Flight 800: "The ONLY Truth"

Critics of the official investigation outrageously claim
a missile brought down Flight 800.

They cite witness reports, flight data recorder readings, jet fuel characteristics, radar images, explosive residue, mysterious red residue, debris field maps, and photographic evidence as proof.

James Kallstrom, Robert Francis and Navy Rear Adm. Edward Kristensen August 23, 1996

To the uninformed public
that might seem like evidence,


Flight 800 "The ONLY Truth"
As told from the government's point of view:
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  1. The CIA helped us prove that ALL of the eye witnesses ONLY saw the burning aircraft climbing. NOT ONE saw a rising missile or a missile streak. You will see that for yourself if we are ever allowed to make the witness reports public.

  2. Flight data recorder readings which some claim is proof of an EXTERNAL explosion is ONLY junk data or is ONLY data from the previous flight. That is why we removed it from our website.

  3. Jet A type fuel IS highly explosive. We are surprised this is the ONLY plane blown out of the sky by a spontaneous fuel tank explosion using Jet A. We ONLY used propane and hydrogen in our demonstrations as a "simulant". We are confident we can make Jet A explode under the same flight conditions and we are spending many tax dollars to someday successfully demonstrate just that.

  4. PETN explosive residue found on recovered wreckage came ONLY from a bomb dog exercise (or else it came ONLY from troops transported to the Persian Gulf who did not wipe their feet before getting on the plane.)

  5. Recovered wreckage was ONLY hosed off to prevent corrosion, not to wash away explosive residue evidence.

  6. The unusual red residue on three rows of seats is ONLY glue, not rocket fuel or warhead residue.

  7. NewThe FBI ONLY threw seat covers in the trash by mistake.

  8. Metallic debris taken from passenger bodies is ONLY glitter, none is shrapnel

  9. The Cockpit Voice Recorder recorded a very loud noise, ONLY we donít know what it is.

  10. Nitrates found on key pieces of wreckage is ONLY cigarette smoke residue. It is not explosive residue and therefore requires no further testing

  11. The radar blip the FAA thought was a missile is ONLY a "ghost" image.

  12. The 30 knot track of a fleeing ship on FAA radar is ONLY a radar anomaly or maybe a ship, but it's identity has no bearing on the crash investigation.

  13. The white streak on Heidi Kreigerís photograph was ONLY lens debris, not a missileís exhaust trail.

  14. The object in the Kabot photo is ONLY an aircraft, not a target drone for a military exercise.

  15. Some debris was ONLY mislabeled by divers. We know that for sure because it could not have been found in locations inconsistent with our fuel tank explosion theory.

  16. While it appears the nose gear doors were blown inward, that damage was ONLY caused by impact with the water. It was not caused by an external explosion.

  17. The Navy P3 aircraft and the three US Navy submarines were ONLY in the area coincidentally. There was no military exercise.

  18. Eyewitnesses were ONLY prohibited from testifying at the Baltimore Public Hearing to protect a possible future criminal prosecution, which probably will never happen (unless of course, you count our prosecution of independent investigator James Sanders).

  19. Confiscation of evidence from Richard Russell, James Sanders and CBS and the subsequent prosecution of Sanders was in no way suppression of evidence. Itís ONLY our job to control ALL of the evidence.

  20. Police department rescue divers were kept out of the water for days immediately after the crash ONLY to protect them from bad weather. ONLY US Navy divers could have handled those extreme conditions!

  21. Presidential Executive Order 13039 removing members of the recovery team from Federal whistle-blower protection signed ONLY days before the Salinger missile press conference is ONLY a coincidence.

Donít be suspicious. It was:

only the plane climbing,
only junk data,
only old data,
only a "simulant",
only a loud noise,
only a miracle it doesnít happen more often,
only a bomb dog exercise,
only glue,
only an FBI mistake,
only glitter,
only cigarette residue,
only a "ghost" image,
only a radar anomaly,
only lens debris,
only an unknown aircraft,
only unknown ships,
only diver mistakes,
only water damage,
only our duty to control ALL of the evidence
and only coincidence,
only LOTS of coincidence.


Artwork courtesy of Tom Shoemaker
From the Rivero site

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