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New Photos

In this section, I will post some new photos of Thunderbolts. By new, I mean ones like Bob Legge and Fast Fred Henderson yankin' and crankin' at the Nostalgia events. I'll have photos of my car (hopefully!!), out and about after 13 years of sitting in a field- hey, it's not that bad, the windows were almost the whole way up and it didn't sink into the mud below the floor!! If you have a Nostalgia racer, send me a photo and a write up, and it'll go here!

The restored Bob Ford #3 Thunderbolt at National Trail Raceway.

Lee Malkemes in his restored Thunderbolt. Lee has owned this car since late '64!!

This is a replica T-Bolt driven by Kurt Neighbor. He used to run a torrid '63 1/2 lightweight car in Pro Nostalgia.

This shot shows Hubert Platt alongside the restored Little Georgia Shaker.

Photo Credits:

Race Car Art...(photo 1)

Bob Plumer Collection....(photos 2-5)

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