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Altered Wheelbase Thunderbolts

Here's some images of Thunderbolts that don't easily fit into my OLD/NEW sections. You've heard about the famous ones, but what about all the others? Check here often!!

This is a Thunderbolt with an altered wheelbase. The rear wheels have been moved forward to aid in weight transfer.

Larry Davis tells me that this car was run by Sidney Foster, and that it was either from Missouri or Lousianna. Some people say that he got this car in '64. Anybody have any info on it? Later on it lost it's roof as one of those ugly 'roadsters' that (thank goodness) didn't catch on.

This is the "Rattlesnake" Austin car. It has had the wheelbase altered and I think it's running an injected 427 wedge.

Photos of the altered wheelbase "Snake Austin" car can be bought from my friend Bob Plumer. Follow the "Friends and Contact People" link on the main page.

This car was raced by Far Rockaway Ford as a regular wheelbase car before having it's wheelbase changed.

After being sold to Jerry Caminito, the car was repainted and run as "Holeshot". During it's ownership by Caminito, it was wrecked in a towing accident.

The "WHUPPET" Fairlane driven by Pat Gray. Note the chopped aluminum bumper and modified fenders.

John Donilson driving "The Dixie Stripper" Fairlane. Donilson would later die in this car during a race.

Photo Credits:

Race Car Art..(photo 1)

Bob Plumer Collection (Drag Racing Memories)...(photos 2-4)

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