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Sutton Racing

Mustang specs:

1988 LX 5.0 Hatchback. Car presently has 115K miles on a slightly modified engine. Engine mods include a port-matched upper and lower intake, port matched and ported heads, "F" cam, Mass Air conversion, deleted smog pump, Mac Shorty headers, Dynomax H pipe, Dynomax cat back exhaust. The car has a five speed transmission, 2.73:1 rear end. The car hasn't been to the strip since the engine mods, and I'd like to change to 3.73 gears first to take advantage of the high-winding cam. Of course I could use a 65mm throttle body, a 75mm mass air meter, 24lb injectors, etc etc....

Craig's Records


Quickest ET: 13.94 (Slicks)

13.97 (Street Tires) Beat that with 2.73 Gears!!

Fastest MPH: 99.50

Best Reaction Time in Competition: .502

This is a shot of me after I got my first trophy. Talk about a happy guy!

Here I am a year later when trophies are no big thing.....yeah right!


1st Place: (1) Keystone Raceway 5/9/99

2nd Place: (2) National Trail Raceway 6/98, 8/19/98

3rd Place: (1) Keystone Raceway Summer 1999

4th Place: (1) Keystone Raceway Summer 1999

Bike record: 11.45 at 127 MPH. WOW Somebody go back to the line and bring my brain up here....


I wasn't able to race my bike that much last year, but I did manage to win some cash and take 4th place on a hot summer day. Thank goodness for company pickup trucks with air conditioning!

Ah yes, the $1500 car that started it all back in '95....

It's funny, but this is the only photograph (other than the National Trail professional shots) that I have of me on the track. Of course there are hours of video, but this is the only pic. I guess I'll have to get some taken instead of more video.

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