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2002 - 80%
[25 March 2003]
Reviewed by Andrew Chan
Hollywood Gossips Webmaster and Film Critic

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Box Office: HK$7,984,660



Nicholas Tse: 3/4

Stephen Fung:

Danielle Graham: 1/2






Message/Lesson: 3/4



Wilson Yip:


Cost: VCD

Date: Many Times


 = 40

 = 10


Hollywood Gossips Review:

With HK Cinema on a slump, every year or once in a while there will be a high budget, high-tech, with CGI effects and popular actors all trying to retrieve the HK Cinema. Surprisingly the high-budget 2002 does all of the above, except for getting people to the cinema, with takings of just HK$7,984,660 is not near enough to retrieve. However, 2002 is actually a very fun and bit emotional, bit ghost, bit romance, bit songs and bit action type of movie and it actually all adds up to a plot full of holes. That's not to say 2002 is a failure, but what ghost movie have no holes? Well, I don't think so, as a result, 2002 actually stands a par above many other HK flicks nowadays. To me personally, I reckon Stephen Fung put on a very good performance and the way he smile and act shows real promise. So to the big star Nic Tse - what else do I have to say, his performance is good, but his usual stiff acting is very vivid here. Can someone let him know that he doesn't always have to be cool or so cool in a movie, because it makes him very stiff. The supporting cast did a good job, without outshining the leads. One part of the movie really stands out is the final fight scene - not that it was very good action, but the song - Let Me Die (sang by Tse) perfectly fits in to create emotions and also help to end the movie. The last fight combining with flash-backs, and the song is just one of the most memorable seen in any movie I seen for a while. I could still imagine that scene in my head. Overall, 2002 is worth a look.


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