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Ronin Warrior FanFiction

A young girl carefully held a handful of throwing knives, her midnight blue eyes focused on a single spot. Her floor length brown hair with the single white streak over her right eye was pulled back into a braid and lightly tounched the floor. She glances to the viewers(no matter how few) for a second and threw a knife. Her left hand flashed with many colorful tattooed symbols in the light and she spoke.

"Oh, hi. I'm Lančna Sarena Vampirra, your hostess to this page. You can call me Lana, Aren, Lance, or Night. Hopefully you can figure out the first three nicknames, but the reason why 'Night' is because I am the Ronin Warrior of the Night. Meaning I can control darkness, and I'm also half vampire."

Lana flashed a smile and her long canines showed. "But don't worry. I don't drink blood. As for that fact, I can't eat anything that ever had red blood flowing through it once in the time line. Otherwise I will get severely sick.

"Anyway, it might be a while before I get any fanfics up considering that I still need to transfer it into HTML format. I got one up and I'm hoping a certain Star Gazer will send me her fanfics to post here!" Lana smiles sweetly. "Oh well, heres the next part."

Authors, Fanfics, and Descriptions

Seth NK Jones
The Dark Ronin Warrior(Incomplete)

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