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Only at Wellesley: "Monday, Feb. 17 is a Tuesday."

Remember that, folks. Monday is a Tuesday.

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And the nominees are... Yup, it's Oscar time, baby. My favorite betting season. I have to say I'm way behind on my movie-watching, but I'll give odds to The Hours. Is it Nicole's year? We'll see.

And while we're on movies, ohmygod, never ever watch Lost Souls. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I had no idea how bad it could be. And not even cheesy fun bad. Just bad.

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I've been laid low by the foul New England winter, so please forgive my absence of late. UConn, unsurprisingly, beat BC on Saturday, but BC held their own (despite the annoying hordes of UConn do I hate Taurasi, let me count the ways. It's really unsportsman-like of me, but there it is. I hate Sue Bird in much the same way.). I'm back in the swing of things, noting deaths and logging subscriptions. How do you die "suddenly"? I thought death was always sudden; one minute you're alive, the next, you're not. It's like winning a game kind of win when the game's over. (Is that why they call it sudden-death overtime? Ponder at will.)

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How much do I love women's basketball? There really are no words. I had a great time watching BC crush Notre Dame last night. My team really came back in the second half. Now I have to look forward to/dread the match-up against UConn. I don't know what it is about that team, but I really don't like them. Give me Tennessee and Pat Summit any day.

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In honor of my little sister's graduation from Bridgewater (that's Bridgewatah to you), my dad is flying in. Which means I get the excitement and joy of trying out the new "easy" route to Logan. It's right off the Turnpike! Or so they claim. The best part of the Big Dig is the pretty new bridge. I wish I had been able to walk it before they started letting all those pesky cars cross.

Lawd, Boston you're my home.

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I finished Desperation last night. Perhaps staying up late in the cold and the dark isn't the best time to complete a Stephen King novel. It never ceases to amaze me how, with every book of his, I end up freaked out. And I always cry a little when he kills off one of my favorite characters. This one wasn't one of his greatest, but it was worth a read. (If you're asking what his greatest are, my favorites are: The Stand, Black House, and the Dark Tower series. And if you're not asking, too bad.) I also watched Showgirls, because, hey, why not? Turns out campy fun it was not. Bad it was. Stay away. Elizabeth Berkley's hips scared me way more than King's bogeyman.

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A lesson in women's history, brought to you by the Bad Girl's 2003 calendar:

On this day in 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in US history offically recognized as a physician.

On this day in 1997, Madeline Korbel Albright (that's Wellesley '59 to you) was sworn in as Secretary of State, becoming the highest-ranking female official in US history.

That's right. I'm a Bad Girl. You gotta problem with that?

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