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Friday, February 14    

Damn this day. But in its honor, here's a listing of Best TV kisses that I actually agree with. And yes, I am now and ever shall be a sucker for Pacey and Joey.

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Thursday, February 13    

Well, they did it: The first WNBA franchise not associated with an NBA team. The Connecticut Sun will be beaming to fans from the Mohegan Sun Arena come May. The Sun is basically the former Orlando Miracle moved north. The Utah Starzz moved to San Antonio and became the Silver Stars. My loyalties now are divided. Do I still root for the Liberty? Or does Connecticut become my de facto "home" team? I hate Connecticut (see earlier irrational rant against UConn). Maybe I should just forget about them both and root for the Stars.

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Wednesday, February 12    

Only at Wellesley: "Tuesday, Feb. 18 is a Monday."

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Tuesday, February 11    

And the nominees are... Yup, it's Oscar time, baby. My favorite betting season. I have to say I'm way behind on my movie-watching, but I'll give odds to The Hours. Is it Nicole's year? We'll see.

And while we're on movies, ohmygod, never ever watch Lost Souls. I knew it wasn't going to be good, but I had no idea how bad it could be. And not even cheesy fun bad. Just bad.

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Monday, February 10    

I've been laid low by the foul New England winter, so please forgive my absence of late. UConn, unsurprisingly, beat BC on Saturday, but BC held their own (despite the annoying hordes of UConn do I hate Taurasi, let me count the ways. It's really unsportsman-like of me, but there it is. I hate Sue Bird in much the same way.). I'm back in the swing of things, noting deaths and logging subscriptions. How do you die "suddenly"? I thought death was always sudden; one minute you're alive, the next, you're not. It's like winning a game kind of win when the game's over. (Is that why they call it sudden-death overtime? Ponder at will.)

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