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Saturday, August 26    

Sunshine on a cloudy day
Leigh, Jeremy, and I went to see Little Miss Sunshine today. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and whilst Leigh loved the little girl, I think my favorite character was Dwayne. Maybe because, early in the movie, he wrote, "I hate everyone," and I can't tell you how many times I've expressed that sentiment. It was one of those fun, quirky little films, and I only felt once or twice like it was trying too hard to be one of those fun, quirky little films. Steve Carell was amazingly understated, and I love Alan Arkin too much for words. Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear play a married couple again, and they do a decent job of it.

My main quarrel with the movie was the fucking Family Stone moment that felt a little too over the top, but on the whole, one of the better movies I've seen all year. That said, I think this year I've seen fewer movies than since before I hit puberty. Sad.

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