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Tuesday, June 29    

Because once is good, but twice is better, I give you the top 5 Ally Sheedy movies:

1. The Breakfast Club. The classic '80s John Hughes flick. It defined a generation. And ... it's snowing!
2. St. Elmo's Fire. Pearls. Shower. All I'm saying.
3. High Art. This was actually a really good, if unbelievably depressing, movie.
4. Short Circuit. Your mama was a snowblower. Love and robotics, almost as good as love and mannequins.
5. Betsy's Wedding. This was a tough one; Ally had a bigger part in the classic Maid to Order, but it wasn't as memorable as this debacle. Ally was the best part of this otherwise extremely bad movie. Her chemistry with Anthony LaPaglia was incredible.

For ranking purposes, WarGames was disqualified because it was really Matthew Broderick's movie.

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