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Wednesday, November 26    

Color by numbers
I don't know what it is about taupe cars that angers me so, but my road rage increases exponentially whenever I see them. (Yes, I am raising it to a power here, people. Back off.) This morning truly was the end-all: Taupe car, driving slowly in the left lane, and I'm behind her, cursing and gesturing. Then I see it. Dangling from the rearview mirror. A crystal prism waving back and forth at me. First, may I say that nothing should be dangling from your rearview. Do not decorate your car! Keep the f-ing tchotchkes at home, people.

I don't know what powers on heaven or earth kept me from completely losing my shit, but I somehow managed not to a) hit her or b) swerve around her angrily and dangerously. Maybe the holiday spirit is making me a kinder, gentler driver.

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