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Mustard Blends

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Daddy Cook's Mustard Blends




Our mustard blends were developed for making marinades, sauces and vinaigrettes or use them traditionally to create a truly gourmet sandwich, appetizer, dip or meat rubs. Daddy Cook’s has a full line of 13 gourmet mustard blends all bursting with robust flavors.

They are all natural, gluten free, low sugar, low sodium, and fat free with a 2-year shelf life.

( 9 ) World-Class Medal Awards.

2011 GRAND CHAMPION World Wide Mustard Competition


2011 / 2016 / 2020 Gold Medal winner in the Exotic Category


2011 GRAND CHAMPION World Wide Mustard Competition

2012 Silver Medal

( Fruit Category )


2012 Silver Medal in the Fruit Category
2012 Silver Medal

( Pepper Hot Category )


2012 Silver Medal in the Pepper Hot Category
2014 Bronze Medal & 2017 GOLD Medal

( Garlic Category )


2014 Bronze Medal & 2017 GOLD Medal in the Garlic Category
2016 Bronze Medal

( Pepper Hot Category )


2016 Bronze Medal in the Garlic Category

Daddy Cook's Mustard Blends

1. When making vinaigrettes with the blends we use grapeseed oil – it is lighter than olive oil and has no flavor to disturb the flavor profile of the mustard blend. It is also heart friendly, no cholesterol and healthy. Blend with grapeseed oil and mustard to taste.

2. All of the blends have been used in turkey and/or turkey burgers. Mixing the mustard into the ground meat makes the burgers very moist and you get the full flavor with every bite.

3. The blends are great for hosting an event or having a party. Serve Lil Smokies sausage for a real hit!

4. When making sauces with the blends use chicken broth or stock, chardonnay, and butter – all to taste. For a creamy sauce add half n half or if you want it thicker add heavy cream. I personally like using half n half. This is all to taste and how much you need for your dish.

Spicy Mustard Blends

1. SMOKIN’ JALAPENO: Spice up your next bake potato, great with sausages, add to potato salad for a kick, just a really good spicy mustard to elevate the heat level on a dish.

2. BURGUNDY PEPPERCORN: Our hearty blend - great for a steak sauce, or on a sandwich with beef, pastrami or game meat. Strictly for heavier meats.

3. SUNRISE BLOODY MARY: Spice up a pizza using as a base, gives a nice punch for pasta sauces, make an incredible bloody mary, (this one has all the ingredients of the famous drink).

4. HEAVEN “N” HELL: After cooking your wings, toss for truly “hot wings”, add to marinades for additional flavor, for people loving heat this one can be added to just about anything – another blend to elevate heat.

Savory Mustard Blends

1. TEQUILA HONEY LIME: Add to pasta salad, potato salad, make a sauce beef or lamb, add to a baked potato.

2. EXOTIC GINGER CURRY: Great added to deviled eggs, potato salad, add a dollop or fruit salad, great with any type of sausage, sauce for chicken, use in a stir fry, try it on your hot dog – “fab”!

3. BLEU CHEESE PECAN BALSAMIC: Our newest and have not worked on uses yet but truly use as a vinaigrette, add to dips, great spread on pork and poultry, more uses to come soon.

4. LEMON CAPER: Makes great pasta and piccata sauces, brush on white fish or salmon - bake or grill, toss with small quartered red potatoes and roast, make a dip for boiled shrimp.

Sweet Mustard Blends

1. HONEY ROASTED GARLIC ONION: Brush on chicken or pork chops and bake or grill, brush on French bread and grate your favorite white cheese and broil, use as a dip straight out of the jar.

2. PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITA: Great go-to for ham and turkey sandwiches with cheese and Kosher dills, makes a nice vinaigrette.

3. BLOOD ORANGE SANGRIA: One of the best blends for vinaigrettes, fruity sauces for pork or poultry.

4. CRANBERRY CHARDONNAY: Holiday time must have – use in turkey or beef meatloaf, perfect for turkey and ham leftovers, another good vinaigrette.

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