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Marinades & Grilling

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Daddy Cook's Mustard Blends

Daddy Cook's Savory Blends, Chipotle Molasses, Jamaican Jerk & Bourbon Glaze

Daddy Cook's Savory Blends

JAMICAN JERK: A special blend of herbs and spices that burst with tantalizing flavors. Excellent marinade for chicken, pork, beef and fish. Create a aromatic, rich and warm finishing sauce for your entrée!

SPICY CIDER BOURBON GLAZE: This is Daddy Cook's "go to" glaze for just about everything. It has been tested on all meats, including game, salmon and shrimp. You can use as a glaze, marinade, sauce or dip. If grilling be sure to use at the end or make sure a flame does not touch it as the molasses will burn. This is one you will not be disappointed in!

DADDY COOK'S CHIPOTLE MOLASSES: A very nice combination of sweet and heat for your pulled pork, chicken, or beef. Works well for crock pot meals as well as a marinade.

Ms. Earle's Sweet Sensations

Ms. Earle's Citrus BBQ Sauce w/ Aged Balsimic, Sassy Peanut Sauce & Pineapple Sake Teriyaki

Ms. Earle's Marinades & Grilling Sauces

PINEAPPLE SAKE TERIYAKI: Traditional Asian flavors used for a marinade for pork, chicken and beef. It is perfect as a finishing sauce for salmon or shrimp or as a dip.

SASSY PEANUT SAUCE: What makes this peanut sauce "sassy" - it's the nice little bite at the end! It has a wonderful peanut flavor and with the addition of coconut milk you have a silky smooth sauce. This will make your dishes burst with flavor. Try it as a Satay, use in your Stirfrys, toss into a Asian Chicken Salad, also use as a dip.

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