These are some examples of websites, both online and offline, past and present, that I have created.

Drusilla's Lair v3.2

The previous inception of the Drusilla's Lair series. This one lasted a while, and saw the introduction of the domain name currently being used by version 4.0. So many things were added to this version, including interchangeable banners, a chat room, and javascript stuff. And some things remained the same, such as the animated frog gif, and the home page blog. And it will also be the last version to utilize frames.

Drusilla's Lair v3.1

The version prior to version 3.2, which had been online for five years. As you can see, it was the early inspiration for version 3.2, and even had a guestbook! The little animated frog gif made it onto this version, as did the home page blog, and it was also the first of the inceptions to use frames.

Drusilla's Lair v2.0

The original Drusilla's Lair, even though it starts at version 2.0. I found it through Wayback Machine, a website archive that takes periodical snapshots of the internet at a certain location on random dates. Surprised to find the front and main page intact! This one was the first version to have the guestbook and the little animated frog gif, and even had horoscopes.


My silverchair fan website. Kudos go out to Oocities.org for being so kind as to archive the original website before the free web hosting on Geocities was taken down, and it was how I found it again. You can still view what was saved of the original silverlair.


A work in progress website about American band Korn. The design was inspired by previous websites such as silverlair, and also uses divs and css like this one. It has been put on hold while working on this site.

Brady St Events

This was a ongoing project for a not-for-profit organisation called Brady St Music Inc. They began trading under the name Brady St Events, and needed a website to showcase what they do. I was already there doing Work for the Dole with them, and after finding out about my Web Development experience, they enlisted me to build their website. It was built using Wix, which I had never used before, but is surprisingly easy to learn.