This is some poetry I have written over the last 20 or so years. I hope you enjoy it.

We Will Survive (Inspired By The Coronavirus Pandemic)

Times may seem uncertain
As no-one knows the way
That life will go, how we will grow
With each and every day

Everything is different
To how it was before
The changes that have happened now
Have rocked our very core

One thing that is certain
On which we can rely
Our wisdom and our common sense
Will help us all get by

So take care of each other
And keep your hope alive
Remember this from here on out
Together we will survive

No Words

There are no words to describe
The way I truly feel
The things I take
The pure heartache
Just makes all it so real

No words can explain
The loneliness inside
My heavy heart
Tears me apart
All I can do is hide

No words can convey it
As the weariness takes hold
My body cries
My brain it lies
Inside I feel so cold

No words I can say
Can ever make you see
The fear I find
Within my mind
Will never set me free

There are no words that I know
No novel will suffice
No dictionary
Can tell the scary
Story of my life

There are no words that exist
No chronicle or tale
What rings so true
I never knew
A thousand words could fail


Rescue me, then cast me out
Can't escape the fear and doubt
Question me, my every step
Forever bound to silence kept

Time of judgement, hear the call
Feel the pain, and take the fall
Marching to a cursed beat
Marching to a swift defeat

Clinging to what's left behind
Torment of an unknown kind
Rotten to it's very core
All in time, you'll know the score

Rescue me, then cast me out
Can't escape the fear and doubt
Don't mistake it for a friend
Pure betrayal in the end

A Better World

Happiness is all around
Love and charity abound
Dream with faith, believe in good
Be positive you always should

Take your hopes and make them real
Love thy neighbour, good you'll feel
Punish not those led astray
Pity them and for them pray

Always act with peace of mind
Do good deeds, be fair and kind
Slow and steady wins the race
Patience shows great courage and grace

All these things ensure that we
Can live in perfect harmony
If we all did these things today
A better world we'll make someday

Hopeless Battle

Mindless rage, boundless cage
No one's there, stop and stare
Never kind, can't unwind
Made to cry, left to die

Hollow soul, lost control
Knows no fear, shed a tear
Bound by hate, undone fate
Lost to me, wait and see

Gather speed, take the lead
Gone too soon, darkened moon
Crystal eyes, cloudy skies
Falling rain, searing pain

No more hope, cut the rope
Haunting dreams, piercing screams
Nothing left, heartless theft
Count the cost, all is lost

Demons Inside

Alone I sit in anguish
Paralysed by the fear
That keeps me from letting
People get too near

Surpresses powerful energies
From ever being released
Sometimes makes me feel as though
Life itself has ceased

Sucking out the very thing
That makes a person whole
Leaving me a tattered mess
And all but lost control

Until the feeling wears away
And I become alive again
Reminding me how close I get
To nearly going insane

Life's Burden

As life passes me by
I sit and wonder why
Why I did this
And didn't do that
And why I stayed
Where I never belonged
Many said think of myself
I did in vain
To meet demands of selfishness
Not born of kind
And save my sanity
So precious and rare
Held back by the ties
Of the cursed loved one
Now I sit here in desperation
In great anticipation
Of what this life has
To offer a tortured soul like me....

A New Day

It may just be a passing fad
Or a lifetime dream come true
But every now and then I feel
Like every day is new

A new way to begin my life
From all the pain and sorrow
To look upon a happy path
And hope for bright tomorrow

Now it seems like all of this
Is meant to be a start
Of finding my way through the dark
And honouring my heart

And all the meanwhile catch a glimpse
Of something deep inside
That kept me grounded all along
And helped me claim my pride

Into The Fire

From one place to another
Drifting like a floating branch
Powerless against the tide
Knowing not where I go next

Battered about and pushed aside
Left alone to find my way
Through a desolate wasteland
With very little to guide me

What to do? where to go?
Who to trust? I never know
Dreams that go up in smoke
Withering in sunlight

Until nothing is left by nightfall
And hope is nothing but a memory

Silent Genius (A Tribute To Daniel Johns)

Glitter boy with faded eyes
Secret crystals line the skies
Stained eyes stare through limestone wall
Satan breaks the angels fall

Shows no mercy to the pill
Strong he mends thy broken will
Glowing like the gems he hides
Afraid no more he rides the tide

Brick by brick and day by day
The wall falls down where once he lay
Burden lifted from his head
Could have died but lived instead

Mystic Characteristic

Many a time, I ask myself why
Why do I cry, and won't try to deny
Why do I laugh, until my sides split
Why do I crumble, and fall in a pit

How do I manage, how do I hang on
How do I bounce back, and prove them all wrong
How do I get up, dust my self off
Take a deep breath, and laugh it all off

To start, I remember how special I am
How precious, how priceless, how prosperous I am
How unique, how mystique, how determined, how keen
How worthy of worship like the pope or the queen

And if ever I'm still feeling any more blues
I say to myself, "Put on your best shoes
Step out in confidence, step out in style
Let the world see you, and flash your best smile!"

The One

Quickened breath, vision impaired
Body weeps, and brain despaired
Minefield skin with glistened eyes
Misplaced trust won’t hear my cries

Distant voices call within
Telling me I shall not win
Spirit fights to push them back
Thoughts of good make their attack

Another voice I hear in kind
Speaks through my sub-conscious mind
Tells me how my heart is strained
Weighted with emotions gained

Longing for a kindred soul
Overwhelming, takes its toll
Try so hard to understand
Deepened feelings in demand

A person whom I barely know
Yet stole my heart, won’t let it go
Hanging on for dear, dear life
Cuts deep like a butchers knife

Sends my spirit soaring high
Then spirals down as if to die
Voice that speaks tells me to wait
All this time, has sealed this fate

The Journey

Here I stand, heart in hand
Trying to reach the promiseland
Never knowing what's ahead
One false tread, end up dead

On the trail, pass or fail
Get out free or go to jail
See you on the other side
Turn the tide, run and hide

Scared of life, sharpened knife
Guard yourself but don't fear strife
Walk across the dusty plain
Burn my brain, go insane

Make a plan, find the man
Try and stop me if you can
If all fails and we must cease
Void the lease, rest in peace

Here With Me

My life would not be worth living
My time would not be worth giving
My values would not mean a thing
If you were not here with me

Life would be oh but a waste
Time would seem oh such a haste
Nothing is what I would feel
If you were not here with me

Your kindness is what keeps me sane
Your forgiveness keeps me from the rain
Your presence is what makes me whole
When you are here with me

My love for you will never die
My trust in you will not subside
My life with you is but complete
Now that you are here with me

Desert of Dreams

Dreams of wonder, dreams of you
Dreams that never will come true
Sleeping in a bed of lies
Fragile mind inside me cries

Destiny cannot resist
Striking me with angry fist
Object of my wildest dreams
Silencing my piercing screams

Candles yonder burning bright
Lighting fearful doom of night
Soothe me now I pray for sleep
One more promise I can't keep

Wander through this endless plain
Quenchless thirst I can't restrain
Lying helpless, I give in
This commandment I must sin

Night Hunter

Under painted sky I see
Clouds of mist surrounding me
Dancing in the evening light
Disappearing into night

Blackened shadows closing in
Hard to see the child within
A mask that covers jilted face
Uncovered for the human race

Body burning put it out
Lightning strikes the ground about
Boredom shows it's ugly head
Fire at will you'll end up dead

The Power Of Lust

Lost in my imagination
Acidic thoughts rot my brain
Unstoppable, yet unbearable
Forbidden feelings shine through

Feels so good, feels so wrong
Takes over my every emotion
Wanting what I cannot have
Driving me insane

"Bless me father, for I have sinned.
It has been too long since my last confession.
I have had impure thoughts.
I repent, please forgive me."


You say you love me
But what does that mean?
Am I really loved?
Or am I just tolerated?

You talk to me
But is it out of politeness?
You do things for me
But is it too much?
You do things with me
But am I wasting your time?

I share my thoughts, my feelings
My dreams, and my life
I laugh a little, cry a little
Joke a little, love a little
But is it all for nothing?

I may be paranoid
I may be stupid
But am I right?

Depression Junkie

Mental battles fought with myself
Can't see what it's doing to me
Inner child cries with red blood tears
Won't let myself be what I want to be

Others see it when I do not
Seek and destroy my self esteem
Afraid of what I might become
Living in a twisted dream

Depression junkie drink it in
Swallow whole my heart felt pride
Pounding myself into the ground
Whispering demons locked inside

Tearing out my insides clean
Draining me of all I gained
Justice tells it's sorry tale
To no end sees me bound in chains

Distorted Youth

Shattered illusions
Pieces of a distorted youth
Lined in shimmering darkness
The satan of my distant thoughts

The haunting ways of my darkest hours
Flooding back like a raging tide
To feed my rotting conscience
Until I go insane

Like jewels that do not sparkle
Like gold that does not shine
And so too does my blackened soul remain
Whispered words of wisdom
And my jagged mind closed in behind
A wall of hatred, hardened by my past

A nothing world of pain and hurt
Cycles like a hurricane
Until it tears my fragile mind
And leaves me short of hell


Why do i feel like i'm not one of you
When i speak, you do not listen
I feel like thin air, i do not exist
I am not here, no-one, nothing

Rejected and turned away
Ignored and pushed aside
Never seen and never heard
A prisoner of society

Like dust i'm remembered
Like dust im forgotten
As if i was never born
To grow up in this world

And all i can do is sit by myself
Watching the world go by
As everyone laughs and plays
without me

And all i can do is think to myself
As i sit here and wonder why
When i try to fit in, they go on
without me

Why does it seem like
The world has turned against me
Nobody wants to know me
I am but nothing


My friend is happy, or so it seems
She keeps something locked away from me
She says nothing, she doesn't need to
I can see it in her face

What is it that she hides?
Is it so bad that she can't tell me?
Does she think I won't understand?
Or is she afraid I'll walk away?

She shields her true feelings from everyone
Even her closest friends
No one can get through to her
And she won't even help herself

She keeps saying she is alright
But as a friend, I still worry
And still she will not budge
To delve into her problem

Psychiatrists a many
They can't help her either
They say she just won't talk
Nothing seems to work

How long will she live this lie
And deceive herself and everyone else
How long can I put up with it
Before I have to let her go?

I think about it everyday
For the five years since I left
I wonder how she is coping
And why she never told me

Last Breath

She lies awake in her bed
The old man's been drinking again
Beating and abusing his true love
She can't live with this no more

Nowhere to run, noone to turn to
Daughter of a madman, cannot escape
Only one way out of this hell life
Swears this will be her last breath

Late at night, mother and child
Share moments, thoughts, love
Old man walks in, unbalanced
Mother draws inside herself

All the shouting and hitting
Little girl can't stand it no more
Runs blind into the city
Swears this will be her last breath

Run, run, keep running, don't stop
Don't turn back, it's too late now
Running into the wilderness
Never to return, never, forever

Sorrow and hatred buried with her
Mother and father worlds apart
Many years from that tragic night
Swore it would be her last breath

Strange Lust

My true self I find in thee
Strong in self fragile sanity
Safe in thy solid walls of eden
Soft fruit carry humbled desire

Cruel world haunts with angry ghosts
Harm not essence of feeble breath
Beheld thee ways strong and free
Envious another steals sweet candy

Lustful salt grains descend
Like rain soaked stubborn pride
Bittersweet illusions sorrowful shatter
Covet fruit sinful thoughts prevail

Weep through eyes of stained glass
Jagged thoughts stab ruthlessly
Lie motionless with diamond eyes
Nothing speaks true emotion felt


They say time has no boundaries
Yet our time is somehow limited
Wasting away before our eyes
And gone before we know it

Maybe it's just a passing fact
Maybe it's just a little white lie
Maybe we just don't understand
How we take our time for granted