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ASMODEUS - (” creature of judgement”) - the name is derived from ashma daeva ( see Asmoday, Chammaday). Asmodeus is a Persian rather than a Jewish devil; however, incorporated into Jewish lore, he is there regarded as an evil spirit. According to Forlong, Encyclopedia of Religions, Asmodeus is “ the Talmudic Ashmedai, a demon borrowed from the Zend Aeshmadaeva,” a “ raging fiend “ ( The Book of Tobit 3:8 ). It was Ashmadai ( Ashmedai ), says Forlong, who made Noah drunk, and who, in Tobit, slew the 7 bridegrooms of the young Sarah, and who, overcome by the angel Raphael, was finally “ banished to upper Egypt.”
In demonology, Asmodeus in Hell is controller of all gaming houses. Wierus the demonographer says Asmodeus must be invoked only when

Asmodeusthe invocant is bareheaded, otherwise the demon will trick him. Barrett, The Magus II, pictures Asmodeus in color as one of the “ vessels of wrath.”
In Bible legend, Asmodeus was a demon of drunkeness and lust who delighted in strangling bridegrooms on their wedding night in the nupial bedchamber. Asmodeus shows up in other writings, such as The Devil on Two Sticks, by Alain R. Le Sage, in which he is the central character. In The Devil’s Own Dear Son, by James Branch Cabell, Asmodeus is the son of Sammael and Lilith (who is Adam’s first wife ). In the legends of Solomon. Asmodeus (also known as Saturn and Marcolf or Morolf ) is held responsible for creating carousels, music, dancing, and drama.
In Jewish legend , Asmodeus is said to be the father-in-law of the Bar Shalmon, who is a demon. In demonology, it is said that one should only invoke Asmodeus when bareheaded; otherwise, he will trick the supplicant.
Asmodeus is also in charge of gaming houses.
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He is one of the seven archdemons of Persian mythology; rules 72 Legions of Amaymon’ army

His origin in Persia: (Aeshma, evil genie in the Avesta); also a fallen angel

In Myths: appears in the apocryphal Book of Tobit as the demon-lover of Sara, who strangled each of her seven husbands. With the head of a charm given by God, Tobias eventually chased him away before Raphaël locked him in Egypt.He also helped build Solomon’s Temple and even took the throne of the King.

In Magic : Asmodeus bequeaths his followers with rings engraved with planetary symbols. He teaches men the art of becoming invisible, as well as instructing them in geometry, arithmetic, astrlogy, and the mechanical sciences. He has vast knowledge concerning buried treasures, and can be forced to reveal their site with the help of appropriate spells and incantations. He, amongst the Legions, possessed Jeanne des Anges, the leading nun at Loudun.

Asmodeus. The demon of lechery, jealousy, anger and revenge. His chief objectives are to prevent intercourse between husband and wife, wreck new marriages and force husbands to commit adultery. He is also one of the chief demons involved in cases of possession. Throughout history, he has been regarded as one of the most evil of Satan’s infernal demons. he is usually portrayed as having three heads, those of an ogre, ram and a bull, all sexually licentious creatures; having the feet of a cock, another sexually aggressive creature; and having wings. He rides on a dragon and breathes fire.

*(Aleister Crowley's interpretation)

Zodiac Position: 5-9 degrees of Virgo *(10-20 Aquarius)
August 28th- September 1st *(Jan 30-Feb 8)
Tarot Card: 8 of Pentacles *(6 Swords)
Candle color: Light blue
Plant: Mint
Planet: Mercury *(Sun)
Metal: Mercury *(gold)
Element: Earth *(air)
Rank: KING, Overseer of the Gambling Houses in Hell
Asmodeus is a Day Demon, he is aong the legions of AMAYON and rules 72 legions of spirits

He teaches the arts of astronomy, arithmetic, geomancy and craftmanship.
Asmodeus answers all questions and discovers and guards treasures.

He gives the ability to read others thoughts, confers invisibility, and breaks up marriages/relationships.

According to the Hebrews, he is the son of Naamah and Shamdon. He was part of the seraphim, the highest order of angels, but fell from grace. In other Hebrew legends, he is either associated with or is the husband of Lilith, the demon queen of lust. Sometimes he is said to be the offspring of Lilith and Adam.
Asmodeus migrated into Christian lore, becoming one of the Devil’s leading agents of provocation. Witches in the Middle Ages were said to worship him, and magicians and sorcerers attempted to conjure him to strike out at enemies. He was one of the infernal agents blamed for the obscene sexual possession of the Louviers nuns in 17th-century France.

1.) Arch demon corresponding to Geburah ( Mathers, Waite ) or to
Netzach ( 777 )
Also spelled “ Asmoday “ or “ Asmodeus.”
2.) The 32nd spirit of the Goetia, demon by day of the second decante
of Aquarius ( According to the Aurum Solis, demon of the fourth
quinance of Taurus.
King commanding 72 legions
Appears as a being with three heads; that of a bull, that of a man, and that of ram; has a serpents tail and webbed feet like a goose; shoots flames
from his mouth, rides an infernal dragon, and carries a lance with a banner
Powers: Gives the Ring of Virtues; teaches arithmetic, astronomy,
geometry, and handicrafts; answers truly and fully; makes one
invincible; finds and guards hidden treasures