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1.) Arch-demon corresponding to Chesed ( Mathers, Waite ) or to Geburah ( 777 )
2.) The 29th spirit of the Goetia, demon by day of the second decante
of Capricorn
Also spelled “ Astaroth "

AstarothDuke commanding 40 legions
Appears as a “hurtful” angel riding an infernal, dragon-like beast and carrying a viper in his right hand
Powers: tells fortunes; teaches liberal sciences

Astaroth is mentioned in a variety of sources, each offering contradictory identification. In Arthur Waite’s The book of Black Magic and of Pacts,before
Astaroth fell he was a prince of the order of thrones. In Spence’s An Encyclopedia of Occultism, Astaroth belonged to the order of seraphim.
The Grimorium Verum maintains that Astaroth has set up residence in America.
In The Lemegeton, Waite refers to Astaroth as a great duke in the infernal regions, whereas according to Barrett in The Magus, he is called Diabolus in the Greek language. It is said that when he is invoked Astaroth manifests as a beautiful angel astride a dragon carrying a viper in his right hand. According to Voltaire, Astaroth was an ancient god of Syria, whereas De Plancy argues that he was one of the seven princes of hell who visited Faust.
Astaroth ( also Ashtaroth ). A male demon who evolved from the ancient Phoenician mother goddess of fertility, Astarte or Ashtoreth. In his male incarnation, he has little to do with man’s sexual nature. He is a teacher of the sciences and a keeper of the secrets of the past, present and future and is invoked in necromantic rituals of divination. He appears as an angel in human form, by some accounts ugly and by other accounts beautiful. He does, however, possess a powerful stench. Weyer said Astaroth was a grand duke of hell and commanded 40 legions of demons. Astaroth is listed as one of the three supreme evil demons, with Beelzebub and Lucifer, in the Grimoire Verum and Grand Grimoire, which date from about the 18th century.
The demon is said to instigate cases of demonic possession, most notably that of the Loudun nuns in France in the 16th century. The nuns accused a priest, Father Urbain Grandier, of causing their possession. At Grandier’s trial, a handwritten “confession” of his was produced detailing his pact with the Devil, witnessed and signed by Astaroth and several other demons
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ashtaroth sigil*(Aleister Crowley's interpretation)
ASTAROTH aka ASTARTE (Feminine form).
Zodiac Position: 20-24 degrees of Leo *(10-20 Capricorn)
August 13th-17th *(Dec 31-Jan 9)
Tarot Card: 7 of Rods *(3 Pentacles)
Candle color: Orange
Plant: Laurel
Planet: Mars *(Venus)
Metal: Iron *(Copper)
Element of Fire *(Earth)
Astaroth rules 40 legions of spirits and is a Day Demon
Astaroth is The Lord Treasurer of Hell and serves as a guidance councilor for other Demons
Astaroth answers truly concerning past, present and future
He/she discovers all secrets, and is an excellent teacher of the liberal sciences
He/she causes one to have prophetic dreams or visions about the future and gives insight into the unknown.
He/she obtains friendship of those in power.

Astaroth was once the Babylonian Goddess, Ishtar/Inanna. She was also the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Her beloved, Dumuzi/Tammuz (he was sometimes given the title 'Adonis") was murdered by his brother, Marduk. She was heartbroken after this and decended into the "Lower World" (Africa) to try to resurrect him.

- Astarte, a Phoenician goddes