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catalog of demons


ASBEEL - ( “ deserter from God “ ) - in Enoch I , Asbeel is included among
the fallen angels. “ He imparted to the holy sons of God evil council and led them astray through the daughters of men. “

ASDEREL - ( Asredel, Asradel Shariel ) - the name is a corruption of Sahariel. Asderel is an evil archangel who taught the course of the moon.
[ Rf. Charles, Apocripha and pseudepigrapha oh the Old Testament.]

ASHMEDAI - ( Ashmodai, Asmode’e, Asmadai, Asmodeus, Chammaday, Sydonay, ect.)- (also known as Asmodeus) is often called the king of the Jewish demons, many of whom study Torah, and will not harm a human Torah scholar! Ashmedai himself is said to ascend to Heaven to study. He also seems to have a sense of humor with a mean streak; there are a number of stories concerning him getting the better of King Solomon when the King became cocky with him. In rabbinic lore, a messenger of God, hence an angel. However being an opponent of Solomon and ruler of the south, with 66 legions of spirits under him, he is usually regarded as an evil spirit himself,some occult sources going so far as to identify him with the serpent who seduced Eve in the garden of eden. [ Rf. Mathers, The Greater Key of Solomon.] Good or evil, angel or demon, he is not considered harmful; he has been characterized as a cherub, “ prince of sheddim,” and as “ the great philosopher.” [ Rf. Jung, Fallen Angels in Jewish, Christian and Mohammedan Literature; Muller, History of Jewish Mysticism.]
He runs Hell’s casinos, by some mythological accounts. And, by others, was responsible for getting Noah intoxicated. According to the book of Genesis, however, Noah needed no help. Genesis says Noah was a farmer, and after the Flood, he planted the world’s first vineyard, then sampled the fruit of the vine. One Jewish legend adds that Noah had gotten the vinestock from the Garden of Eden before the Flood. After the Flood, the evil angel Samael, noah’s vineyard partner, secretly put under the growing vine the blood of a slain lion, pig and ape, so its roots would suck up the blood. Thus, to this day, if a timid man drinks a little wine, he soon moves confidently like a lion; drinking a little more than he should, he acts like a pig; even more, and he acts like a foolish, lurching
ape and becomes brainless

ASMADAI - one of the 2 “ potent thrones,” as cited in Milton’s Paradise Lost VI, 365. Uriel and Raphael succeed in vanquishing Asmadai ( along
with Adramalec ), 2 powers, says Milton, “ to be less than Gods/Disdain’d.”
( See Asmoday )

ASMODAY - ( Ashmeday, Asmosdius, Sydoney ) - a fallen angel “ who has wings and flies about, and

...Asmoday, makes men invisible

has knowledge of the future, “ according to Budge, Amulets and Tailsmans, p.377. Asmoday teaches mathematics and can make men invisible. He “ giveth the ring of Vertues “ and governs 72 legions of infernal spirits. When invoked, he manifests as a creature with 3 heads ( bull, ram, man).
Asmoday is a character in John Dryden’s dramatic poem, The State of Innocence. A variant spelling of the name Hasmoday, who is one of the demons of the moon. [ Rf. De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal; Butler, Ritual Magic; Waite, The Lemegeton; Shah, The Secret Lore of Magic.]

ASMODEE - ( See Ashmedai ) - a French form for Asmodeus and ( according to De Plancy ) identical with Sammael or Satan.

ASMODEL - in ceremonial magic, the angel with dominion over the month of April. He is also ( as cited in Camfield, A Theological Discourse
of Angels ) ruler of the zodiacal sign of Taurus. ( See Tual, Hamabiel.) Formerly, Asmodel was one of the chiefs of the order of cherubim. He is now a demon of punishment ( as recorded in the Coptic gnostic Pistis Sophia ). The cabala includes him among the 10 evil sefiroth. [ Rf. Barrett,
The Magus; De Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal; Ambelain, La Kabbale Pratique.]