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November 29
Added season 6 to the song list. As always,it's under the bronze on the menu.

November 28
-Happy Thanksgiving! Just added season 5 song list. As always,it's under the bronze on the menu.

November 2
-I just added the season 4 song list. It's under the bronze on the menu.

October 30
-Be sure to check out Dido's new video "White Flag" which features the ever gorgeous David B. as her love intrest(not in real life people).
-Also check out Eliza Dushku's new show on FOX called 'Tru Calling'. It's premiere is October 30 at 8PM.

September 27
I am re-doing the quotes page. That's kind of funny seeing as how there aren't many quotes up there now. I am putting more up though.
NEWS: -Check out the new(er) BTVS video game called 'Chaos Bleeds' available on PS2, GameCube, and X-BOX. Title sound familiar? It's also the name of a Buffy book.

September 10
Ok, I finally got something up. On the side menu click on The Bronze to see a list of the bands and their songs that have appeared on BTVS.

Right now I'm working on a new page that will be under "fun stuff". It's gonna to be a list of things we Buffy fans have learned from watching all these years. E-mail me anything you have learned(for example someone emailed me "No matter how many times you get knocked unconscious, you'll never wake up in a coma")and I'll put it up.

I am working on getting stuff up.This site will be crazy when I finish updating so bookmark it and check back.If you have any questions or even something you want to see added to the site, feel free to email me at