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The Psychology Students Guide
The Psychology Student's Guide to Courses and Options


How to become a psychologist

Fourth year courses

Postgraduate courses


Volunteer work

Alternatives to psychology

Troubles with statistics?

Links to universities

Hi and welcome! This site provides information about options for psychology students in Australia. The information comes mainly from the thinkings and research of one person, and I may be wrong about some things, so please check it all out for yourself also. Here's my disclaimer.
I created this site because when I was in third and fourth year, I spent a lot of time researching psychology courses and alternatives, and I thought that the information should be available on one site. Also, I found that many of my peers didn't know as much about courses and options as I did, and that they found the information valuable.
The idea behind this site is to serve the needs of psychology students, especially those in Australia. So if you have an idea or some information to add to the site, please let me know, using the email address given below.

For suggestions about this website, please email me at Created April 2001.