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VMU Archive / VMU Mini Games and Animations
In this section you can find many VMU mini games and VMU animations to download on to your VMU. Most of the files must be downloaded using a Planetweb web browser. If you happen to run accross a mini game or animation that you wish to share with other HDCA members then please e-mail the web master the file or files and please leave a discription of each file and if you can please leave the file size. If you like to find more mini games or animations you can visit There are many of these files located there.
VMU Mini Games
Soul Calibur VMU Mini Game 98 blocks
Tetris 7 blocks
Snaky (You can only download through the Chu Chu Rocket web browser) 19 blocks
Etch-A-Sketch 4 blocks
Neko 2.2 ? blocks
Supercross VMU ? blocks
VMU Fighter ? blocks
Star Wars ? blocks
VMU Cop V3 ? blocks
Connect 4 ? blocks
Dream Racer ? blocks
Jim Bowl ? blocks
Kill Hyman ? blocks
Metal Gear Solid ? blocks
Minesweeper ? blocks
Pacman ? blocks
The OFFICIAL Power Stone mini games from the game Power Stone ? blocks
Revenge 98 blocks
Slide Puzzle ? blocks
Time Crisis ? blocks
Tokyo Mini Racer ? blocks
The OFFICIAL Trick Style mini game from the game Trick Style. Now on Dreamcast. (It's Thinking) ? blocks
Virtual Teacher ? blocks
VMU Fighter ? blocks
VMU Snake ? blocks
Chu Chu Rocket ? blocks
Mini Rushing Football Handheld (This was on the old 110 blocks
VMU Animations
X-CAP Productions Logo 43 blocks
Sonic the Hedgehog Animation 40 blocks
World Series Baseball 2k1 VMUv 78 blocks
Pikachu rapes... well you know who it is. ? blocks
Hardcore action going on ? blocks
Hardcore gay action? ? blocks
Sega Dreamcast logo animated. ? blocks
Ryu strapping his gloves on for battle. ? blocks
Clair walks through a door and "BANG" there goes the zombie's head. ? blocks