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                Yes indeed hair curlers, matchsticks and card. I first saw this idea many many years ago in a wargamers newsletter and then at a Wargames Development conference Andy Callan showed me some hair curler troops he had made. From there I was hooked. What the figures lacked in precision, detailed standards replaced. When I first built my armies some 20 plus  years ago I painted them by hand. Now the standards are computer generated. I have HC armies for the Seven Years war, the American Civil war and the Crimean war.

                 The infantry are made from rows of those little spikes that hold the hair in place. Cavalry can be made from certain types of hair rollers from two inverted rows but it's difficult to find this type. I prefer the method that uses 4 match sticks with a row of card for the riders and another for the horses heads. The figures are roughly 4-5mm tall. For those who are interested , I am adding a how to section in this area

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