The American Civil war fascinated me by its range from napoleonic type battles moving into the machine gun era.. I was however only interested in the big battle type games, anything smaller had no interest. The generic nature of the troop types and organisation made the era absolutely ideal for the hair curler army approach and so my civil war forces were born. I had just bought a huge supply of the curlers used by Andy Callan in our games at the Wargames Developement conferences and got stuck into building two opposing forces. Then in the 80's Real life brought a move to Spain and the boxing up of my hobby for a very long while. For many years they were left untouched in the boxes until I started thinking about alternative history and the possible intervention of Britain and France in the American war and what effect it may have had.. However thought and inspiration don't always go hand in hand so I did nothing with the idea until I recently discovered the Polemos rule sets sold by Baccus. So I quickly rebased my trusty haircurler armies and planned a British intervention force thinking evil thoughts about invading the US from Canada.. The rebased armies came out really well though I say it myself and so a few photos later I returned to my much neglected web page..   













As mentioned earlier I also wanted to explore the possibilities of European intervention in the ACW so I have duly built a British expeditionary force currently consisting of 12 regular battalions of infantry, 6 Canadian battalions, a light cavalry brigade, a  heavy cavalry brigade and 5 artillery batteries. More to come and then the French



before anyone comments, I DO know that Brit cavalry never carried the guidons into battle at this time but well it helps me identify them... Also I discovered that H&R artillery are compatible with the curlers so started to use their guns and crews.. made life much easier...







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