One of the things that make the curlers work so well is to invest a lot of effort in terrain , buildings and scenics etc.. To this end I set about building a range of basic terrain tiles made from corktiles 3mm thick. These would be flat plain boards with roads and rivers cut in and higher ground made using the same tiles using layered hills.. I think they work really well.


These are made from tiles 60cm x 30cm which seemed to give a large variation in layout whilst not being too small and having tons of joints to line up. I covered from hills to sea and am quite pleased with the results




While I was building the tiles I discovered the range of buildings produced by total battle miniatures. They are indisputably superb. I also realised that I would never be able to paint them to the same standard he does so I ordered them painted at what I consider to be very reasonable prices. The individual buildings were built into terrain blocks matching the tiles and I think they look very nice.



                                                                                                                                          US Theatre ACW





Trees etc.










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