In a Combat Round one side gets to attack first, then the other. 
A Combat round is about 10 Seconds. 

A side may consist of a single Combatant or many. 
There are usually exactly 2 Opposing Sides though more are possible.  

If one side is hidden by Stealth or Invisibility, they may try to attack first 
with Surprise. Roll 1D20 and add the lowest Stealth Bonus of the Attacking Group, 
then subtract the highest Alertness Bonus of the Group being Attacked. If the 
total is 11 or more the attackers get Surprise. 
The side with Surprise gets +2 Attack Bonuses in the First Round.
A Surprise Attack can also be referred to as an Ambush.  

If neither side has Surprise, then each side rolls 1D20. The High Roll attacks first. 
This order continues for the remainder of the Combat. 
Each side adds their lowest initiative Bonus to the Roll. 
All combatants on the same side make their Attacks Simultaneously. 
When dealing with the Player Characters, simply go around the table Clockwise. 


Below is a list of common Actions that might be taken during Combat. 

Walk – Move at Normal Speed 
Run – Move at Double Speed. Will Result in Fatigue. 
Hide – Requires Stealth Check
Lookout – Hard Skill check Modified by Alertness to find Hidden Foe and sound Warning
Sneak – Move while Hidden. Half Speed
Disengage – Fighting Withdrawal or Flee
Hack and Slash - Continued Attack for HTH (No Movement. Get Attack +1)
Mighty Blow - Continued attack for HTH. (No Movement. Get Damage +1)
Defensive Stance - Continued attack for HTH. (No Movement. Get Defense +1)
Aimed Shot - Continued attack for Ranged Attack. (No Movement. Get Attack +1)
Close to Attack – Move at Normal Speed and Attack
Charge – Move at Double Speed and Attack. See Charge Rules. 
Hurling Charge - Throw Weapon while Charging. It gets Damage +1 
Sneak Attack – Move while Hidden and Attack. 
Leap Attack - (Pounce) From Above. Attack and Damage +1. If attacker misses he fumbles. 
Change Facing – Free Action/Reaction. Cannot change Facing if Surprised
Stand Up – Easy Skill Check Modified by Swift. Get -2 per Adj Foe and for Slippery Ground
Pick up Dropped Item – Easy Skill Check Modified by Search. Get -2 Penalty per Adjacent Foe
Mount – Or Dismount from Steed 
Battle Cry – Effects last 1D2 +1 Rounds
Cast Spell – No Moving. Make Spell Check 
Rally – Target Panicked Units in Range. Hard Skill Check Modified by Leadership
Set to Receive Charge – Requires Spear or Pole-Arm. Attack First after Foe Moves on his Turn 
Go into Overwatch – Requires Ranged Weapon. Attack First after Foe Moves on his Turn
Feint – Get Defense +2 on Foes next Attack and Attack +2 on your next Attack
Defensive Stance – Get Defense +4 on Foes next Attack
Light Fuse - On Gunpowder Bomb
Apply Poison - One Topical Dose to Weapon Surface 
Rummage - Find specific Item in Pouch, Bag, Sack, Backpack
Quaff - Drink Potion
Stop Bleed - Use Bandages. Bind Wound
Intimidate – Target Foe
Taunt – Target Foe

There are several situations in which a Character can Act during a Foe’s Turn. These usually 
Have a Defensive Nature, or Allow you to attack after a Foe moves but before he Attacks. 
Counterspell – Quickly cast this spell to negate a Spell just cast by a Foe before it takes Affect.
Shield Spell – Before Foe makes attack roll Quickly cast this to increase your Defense.  
Catch Missile – If Foe’s Attack does not hit make a Hard Skill Check to grab the object out of 
Thin Air. You must have at least one level of Catch Missile Skill to Attempt this.  
Receive Charge – Charging Foe runs straight into your Weapon. You must have taken Set to 
Receive Charge as your previous Action. You attack after a Foe moves but before he Attacks.
Fire from Overwatch – Shoot Foe with Ranged weapon after he moves but before he Attacks. 
You must have taken Go into Overwatch as your previous Action.


When engaged with a Foe in HTH you cannot move except to Disengage. 
Exception: You are 3+ Size Classes bigger than opponent. 


Combatants for the most part get a single attack per Round of Combat. 
If they attacked last Round and they are attacking again this Round, and are not 
moving, this is referred to as a Continued attack.  
Attack will be with chosen Weapon. 
An Attacker picks his target and rolls 1D20 on the Attack Table. 
The Attacker adds his Attack Bonuses and Subtracts the Targets Defense Bonuses. 

This only applies to Humans, Demi-Humans, and Humanoids who are attacking each other. 
There is 50% (1-10 on 1D20) a Melee Attack will become a Random Brawl Attack instead 
of using a Weapon in hand. Roll for this before making the attack Roll. 
See the Random Brawl Table. 

1D20:		Result:			Notes: 
1		Auto Fumble		Attacker Rolls on Fumble Table
2-3		Fumble 			Attacker Rolls on Fumble Table
4-8		Miss			Attack Fails
9		Weapons Locked		Attack Fails; Foe gets Attack -2 next round
10-19		Hit			Attack Succeeds
20+		Critical Hit		Get +4 Damage Bonus

Situation:			Mod:	Notes:
Attacker Prone			-2	Lying on the Ground
Defender Prone			+2	-
Attacker Blinded		-6	Both Eyes
Defender Blinded		+6	-
Attacker has Surprise		+2	Unseen, Unknown, Unaware
Attacking from Behind		+2	May be Chasing Defender
Attacker making Flank Attack	+1	From Side
Defender Smaller		-1	2 Size Classes or more
Defender Larger 		+1	2 Size Classes or more
HTH Range (Ranged Weapon)	-	Point Blank. Too Close to use Ranged Weapons
Close Range (Ranged Weapon)	+1	Phalanx Long Pikes (2-5 Meters)
Sort Range (Ranged Weapon)	-	Most Thrown Weapons (5-20 Meters)	
Medium Range (Ranged Weapon)	-	Short Bow, Javelins (21-50 Meters)
Long Range (Ranged Weapon)	-	Long Bow, Arbalest (51-150 Meters)
Far Range (Ranged Weapon)	-1	Catapults, Ballista (151-400 Meters)
Defender Surrounded		+1	On at least 2 Sides (2-4+ Foes)
Defender Immobilized		+3	Defender unable to Move or Attack 
Defender Partially Immobilized	+1	Entangle Attack or Grab
Attacker Partially Immobilized	-2	Entangle Attack or Grab
Defender being Grappled		-	50% you will hit other grappler
Attacker has Longer Weapon	+1	Does not apply to Longer attacks
Attacker has Height Adv		+1	On Slope, Stairs. Looking Down
Attacker on Difficult Ground	-2	Mud, Slippery, Steep Slope, Jagged Rocks
Attacker in Tight Position	-2	Low Ceiling, Narrow Walls
Attacker Reduced Visibility	-2	Fog, Mist, Smoke, Clouds, Dusk, Dust, Snow, Rain
Attacker Fatigued		-1	Exhaustion
Attacker Encumbered		-1	Weighed Down
Defender Good Cover		-4	Ranged Attack by Attacker. Behind Parapet
Defender Partial Cover		-2	Ranged Attack by Attacker. Behind Low Wall
Defender Good Concealment	-3	Ranged Attack by Attacker. Jungle Surroundings
Defender Partial Concealment	-1	Ranged Attack by Attacker. Tall Grass
Defender Moved on last Action 	-1	Ranged Attack by Attacker. Foe Running Away 
Attacker makes Hard Maneuver	-2	During Swashbuckling type acts: Swinging, Sliding
Defender has Small Shield	-1	Buckler, Target (Defend vs Max 1 Attack per Turn)
Defender has Medium Shield	-1	Round, Kite (Swift -1)
Defender has Large Shield	-2	Wall (Swift -2) 

Rule of Thumb: People are Clumsy. They have a tendency to fall and drop things. 
Roll 1D8 on the Fumble Table: 

1D8	Result:
1	Drop Weapon or Item. Or Weapon Stuck (In Door, Tree, Ribcage, etc.) 
2	Weapon or Shield or Item Breaks. 
3	Body Part Hurt: Roll on Random Body Part Table. 
4	Trip or Knocked Down: Go Prone. Initiative -1 next Round. 
5	Disorientated: Do nothing on your next Round.
6	Stagger: Cannot Move next Round and get -1 Defense Penalty.
7	Friendly Fire: Accidently Attack Ally instead of Foe.
8	Injure Self: Roll on Light Wound Table

1D6	Result:
1-3	Drop Weapon or Ammo. Initiative -1 next Round.
4-5	Weapon or Ammo Breaks. Initiative -1 next Round.
6	Friendly Fire: Accidently Attack Ally instead of Foe.

If an Attack hits, it will do Damage. 
The Successful Attacker rolls 1D20 on the Damage Table. 
The Attacker adds his Damage Bonuses and Subtracts the Targets Armor Bonuses. 

1D20:	Result:			Notes: 
1-4	Superficial Wound	Get 1 Wound Marker. Minor Wound 
5-7	Superficial Wound	Get 1 Wound Marker. Foe Rolls 1D6 on Fumble Table. 
8-10	Light Wound		Get 2 Wound Markers. Flesh Wound 
11-13	Light Wound		Get 2 Wound Markers. Roll on Light Wound Table
14-16	Heavy Wound		Get 3 Wound Markers. Major Wound
17-18	Heavy Wound		Get 3 Wound Markers. Roll on Major Wound Table
19+	Instant Death		Foe Suffers Immediate Gory Death. Mortal Wound

Situation:		Mod:	Notes:
Large Weapon		+2 	Two Handed. Great Sword. Battle Axe, Pole Arm
Lesser Weapon		-1 	Knife, Club, Dart, Heavy Rock
Light  Weapon		-2 	Shiv, Torch, Stick, Stone, Cesta, Bola
Brawl Attack		-3 	Unarmed Strikes, Grappling
No Damage Weapons	xx 	No Damage. Usually Entangling. Net, Lasso, Man Catcher
Helmet			xx 	All Armor comes with a Helmet (Alertness -2)
Very Light Armor	-1 	Leather, Hides, Padding, Quilted, Aketon, Gambeson
Light Armor 		-2 	Studded Leather, Ring Mail, Piecemeal (Swift -1)
Medium Armor		-3 	Chain Mail, Half-Plate, Brigandine (Swift -1 Stealth -1)
Heavy Armor		-4 	Scale, Splint, Lamellar (Initiative -1 Swift -1 Stealth -1)
Very Heavy Armor 	-5 	Panopoly, Laminar (Initiative -1 and Swift -1 Stealth -2)
Super Heavy Armor 	-6 	Full Plate Mail (Initiative -1 Swift -2 Stealth -4) 

A Unit with more Wound Markers than half their Wound Level gets a -1 to all Rolls.  
Wound Markers can also be referred to as Wound Counters. 

If you have no Armor except a Helmet get Armor +1. 
If you have Armor but no Helmet get Armor -1  (to a minimum of Armor +1). 

These take 1D4 Days to Heal on their own. Be careful of Infections. 

1D6	Complication:
1	Knocked Out (Unconscious And Prone and Drop Weapon) for 2D6 Rounds.
2	Body Part 75% Hurt or 25% Broken.
3	Roll 1D6 on Fumble Table. 
4	Dazed: Miss next Attack.
5	Stun: Get -2 to all Rolls for 1D6 Rounds)
6	Bad Scar: Permanent. -1 to Appearance. 

These take 1D4 Weeks to Heal on their own. Most Major Wounds will 
Cause the victim to be knocked Prone and miss their next Action per GM. 
Unless Unconscious or missing a Leg the Character can keep on fighting.  

1D8	Complication: 
1	Broken Body Part: Roll on Random Body Part Table. (Break)
2	Lose 1 Eye. Partial Blindness.  
3	Skull Crack: Knocked Out (Unconscious) for 1D2 Hours. 
4	Lost Limb: Permanent. Move -4 or loss of Arm or Hand. (Amputation)
5	Bleed: Victim will Die in 2D10 Minutes if Bleeding not Stopped
6+	Break from Blunt Weapon. Amputation from Cut. Bleed from Impale.

Actually stopping a Bleed is quite simple. Bandages and pressure will do.
At the beginning of every Round you start with one or more Bleeds, Roll 
once on the Bleed Table:  

1D6	Effect:
1	Life Blood Draining Out: Get 1 Wound Marker
2	Not enough Blood to Brain: Pass out (unconscious) for 2D6 Rounds
3	Hazy: Roll on Fumble Table
4	Dizzy: Get -2 to all Rolls next Round
5+	Weakened: Strength -1
A Heroic Player Character that has as many or more Wound Counters then their 
Wound Level will die in 2D6 Rounds. They require Healing that will increase 
their Wound Level to at least 1 to prevent Death. 
Non-Heroic Foes and Creatures will just die immediately. 

Eviscerations, Beheadings, Cut in Two, Crushed Skulls, Heart Impaled, etc. 


Without any assistance a Character will heal 1D2 Wound Counters per Day. If the 
Character remains at full rest they will heal an additional 1D2 Wound Markers. 
It takes 1D8 Days to heal a Hurt Body Part. 
It takes 6-8 Weeks to heal a Broken Body Part.
Care by a Herbalist will double Healing Rates. 
Magical Healing can be Instantaneous.   

Units that can Regenerate Remove 1 Wound Counter at the end of every one of 
their rounds. 
Hurt Body Parts regenerate in 1D6 Minutes. 
Broken Body Parts regenerate in 3D20 Minutes. 
Burn Damage cannot be regenerated. 



Often Result of Blunt Weapon Attacks. 
Character Gets -2 to All Rolls.  

Result of Illusion magic, Ventriloquism, Thrown Rocks, etc. 
The Distracted Character be preoccupied with the Distraction and will not notice other 
threats or what's going on around them. They are easy (+5) to Ambush or Sneak Past. 

Both Eyes. Darkness. Blinding Powder. Flash Spell. 
Character gets -6 to all Rolls requiring Sight. Movement Halved or Less. 
This may be Temporary or Permanent. 

One Eye Damaged or Destroyed. 
Character has a Blind Spot and gets -1 to all Rolls requiring Sight. 

From Cold and Freeze Attacks.  
Move at Half Speed and Get -1 to all Rolls during and 2D10 Minutes after Attack.  
If Cold exposure continues, the effects of the Chill will Continue with it. 
After a long exposure, Hypothermia and or Frostbite might set in to be 
handled as the GM sees fit. Hypothermia: -3 to all Rolls and save every hour vs 
Death and Confusion. Frostbite: Save or loose fingers or other extremities. 

From Electrical and Lightning Attacks.  
Get -3 to all Rolls on Next 1D2 Rounds.
The Shocked Character must Save or be Knocked Out for 1D4 Hours. 
Characters in Metal Armor receive no Bonuses from it when facing a Shock Attack. 

From Fire and Acid Attacks.  
Automatically Roll for Damage again next Turn at Damage -1. 

Severe Nausea, Vomiting, Retching, Coughing, Dizziness. This counts as 2 Sickness 
Penalties: Total of -2 to all Rolls for as long as it lasts. Usually 2D20 Minutes.  

Roll 1D10 on the Confusion Table every Round you are Confused. 
Confused Characters get no Dodge Bonus and are +2 to be hit by Opponents. 

1D10	Actions or Inactions: 
1. 	Stand in Place. Stare Blankly. Mumble. 
2. 	Go Prone. Sit Down. Yawn. Moan & Groan. 
3. 	Move in random Direction at Half Speed. 
4. 	Drop Items. Remove Clothing. Contortions. 
5. 	Yell or Ask Questions. Anxious. 
6. 	Attack Random Adjacent Target. Throw Things. 
7. 	Laugh or Cry Uncontrollably. Repetitive Behavior.
8. 	Jump up and down and Point. Gibberish
9. 	Move in random Direction at full Speed.
10. 	Play with Object. Write on Walls. Break Stuff. 

Curses Mostly. 
Like Confusion, but instead of Checking every Round, check every 
1D10 Minutes or 1D2 Hours. 

Gust of Wind Spell. Dragon Wings Buffett. 
Character is Prone. There is a 50% the Character will Drop whatever 
he is holding. Prone Characters get a -2 to all Combat related Rolls. 
It takes a full Round to get back up. 
He is +2 to be hit by Opponents. 

Sleep Spell. Wounds causing Skull Crack. 
Character completely unconscious, immobilized. 
This could be for Rounds, Minutes, Turns, or Hours. 
If not otherwise stated Foe is knocked out for 2D6 Rounds. 
He gets no Dodge Bonus and is +3 to be hit by Opponents. 

Push. Wind. Mighty Blows. Shield Bash
Unit pushed back 1D2 Spaces or More. 
A Unit pushed this way could get impaled on a Spike or Fall off a ledge. 
If thrown against a Wall, roll for Damage -1. 

Choke Hold. Choking Gas. Spore Clouds. Chain. Rope
The Character must Save vs Death or be Knocked out for 1D10 Minutes. 
If Character was knocked out, Save vs Death again or Choke to Death. 
He is +1 to be hit by Opponents and -1 to all rolls while choking but 
not yet Knocked out. 

Disarm by Weapon. Disarm by Brawl. Damage Table Result.
Target Loses his Weapon. Drops within 1D3 Meters. 1 Round to retrieve.
A character can use a regular Weapon based Attack to Disarm an Opponent. 
Such an attack does no Damage. Attack -4. If Attack hits Foe Disarmed. 

If you see the Term Entangled by itself it can mean either Immobilized or 
Partially Immobilized. The GM rule which is the actual outcome.

Paralyzation Spell. Web Spell. Vine Spell. Grapple Attack
Character cannot move. Character still aware of his surroundings.
He gets no Dodge Bonus and is +3 to be hit by Opponents.  
In some cases Character may be able to break free. This may require a 
Strength Test or Escape Artist Test according to the GM. 

Grab, Net, Chain, Man Catcher, Pincer Staff. Entangle Attack 
One or more limbs remain Free. Depending on which ones, the Character may still 
be able to Move or Attack. Also referred to as being Pinned or Grabbed.   
He gets no Dodge Bonus and is +1 to be hit by Opponents.  

Roll 1D10 to Determine Random Body Part. 
The Character will get -1 to All Rolls for any Hurt Part. 
For Legs, Knees, Groin, and Feet get Move -2. 
A Hurt Head will also be Stunned for 1D4 Rounds.  
A Hurt Arm or Hand will give an additional -1 Penalty for all 
Rolls necessitating that part. 

1D10	Part:
1	Hand
2	Foot
3	Arm
4	Leg
5	Knee
6	Head
7	Neck
8	Groin
9	Chest
10	Guts

Roll 1D10 to Determine Random Body Part. 
The Character will get -2 to All Rolls for any "Broken" Part. 
For Legs, Knees, and Feet get Move -4. 
A Broken Head counts as a Skull Crack.  
A Broken Neck is Instant Death. 
A Broken Arm or Hand make those parts unusable.
A Broken Chest refers to Broken Ribs. 
Gut and Groin Damage can be interpreted as internal Injuries.  
It takes 6-8 Weeks to heal up a Break 

Sometimes (25%) a "Break" never quite heals right. 
The individual is considered to be Lame or otherwise Injured. 
A Head Injury gives a permanent -1 to all Rolls. 
A Lame Leg, Knee, or Foot results in Swift -1
A Lame Arm or Neck gives Strength -1
A Lame Groin gives Dodge -1 and is useless in the Bedroom. 
A Lame Hand gets -2 to all Rolls when using a Weapon or Tool in it. 
An Injured Chest or Gut gives Toughness -1


The Light and Major Wound Tables are best suited for Humans, Demi-Humans, and 
Humanoids fighting each other with Melee Weapons. Many other situations are 
possible. For example: A Fire Ball or Lightning Bolt would produce very 
different results. If a Wound Table produces a result that is wildly 
inappropriate to the nature of the attack, the GM may simply substitute a 
different result of his own making. Creative (and Funny) Solutions are Best. 
If at a loss for Ideas, The GM may simply assign an additional Wound Marker or 
a roll (at -2) on the Fumble Table. 


The Fumble Tables apply poorly to most Monsters. 
For more Generic Results roll 1D6: 
1D6:	Result:
1	Monster misses next Action (Head Stuck in Crevasse)
2	Monster misses next Attack (Loses track of tiny Foes)
3	Monster get Attack -2 to its next Attack
4	Foes get Attack +2 to next attack vs Monster
5	Foes get Damage +2 to next attack vs Monster
6	Monster Knocked Down (Trips over self while giving Chase)


Large creatures are often unstoppable. Movement and attacks combine into one. 
They can simply Push into you, Drag you around, Envelop you, Step on you, 
with no particular effort. To avoid these types of Attacks Save vs Crush 
using Swift and Dodge Bonuses and move your Character just enough Spaces to 
get out of the way. 


A character may take this action to escape or to gain a better Battlefield Position. 
This comes in several flavors: 
-Fighting Withdrawal: Move Backwards at half-speed while facing your opponent. 
Attacks you make are at -2. Get Defense +1 while Doing this. 
-Flee: Move away from Foe at full speed with your back to foe. He may chase you to 
get the bonus for attacking from behind. You retain your Weapon and shield while Fleeing.  
-Rout: Having Failed a Fear or Morale Saving Throw you drop your Weapon and Shield and 
Run away from Danger at Swift +2 until you are Fatigued. Pursuers get +2 Attack. 


The Character has a Weapon in each hand, and attempts to make one Attack with each. 
The Attacks can be against the Same or a Different Target. 
Without this Skill, Both Attacks are at Attack -2 and Damage -1. 
With the Skill there are no Penalties. Dual Wield Cannot be combined with the 
Skills of Sweep or Extra Attacks. 
In Dual Wield the first weapon is usually a Blade of some sort. 
The Off-Hand weapon is usually a Dagger, but just as often, it can be a Cloak, 
Torch, or other Improvised Weapon. 


Characters may charge into HTH Combat. This may be combined with a Battle Cry, 
but not with Ambushes, Surprise Attacks, or Backstabs. 
They get Attack +1, Swift +2, Damage +2, and Defense -4 for 1 Round. 
This usually happens only on the first turn of a Combat, However in a lengthy 
Combat when a combatant is not adjacent to any Foes, he may make an additional charge.   
A Combatant who is Fatigued, Encumbered, or has a Hurt or Broken Leg, Knee, or Foot
may not Charge. Other Conditions (Difficult Ground) may prevent Charges according to 
the GM's discretion. If the Defender has a Longer Weapon and sees the Charge coming, 
he will automatically be able to get an attack in First even if it is out of order. 


Mounted Combat requires a character have a skill of Ride +2 or Greater.
The Mount (Steed) is usually referring to a Horse, however in a Fantasy setting, many 
other types are Available: Dragons, Griffons, Pegasi, Pterodactyls, Wargs, Unicorns, 
War-Rhinos, Giant Mastiffs, Giant Bats, Giant Wasps, Giant Spiders, Centaurs, etc. 
For every level of Ride you have, your mount gets Swift +1 and Save vs Fear +1.  
Versus Unmounted Foes you get Attack and Damage +1. 
If your Mount is Moving get Damage +1 from Momentum. 


Terrestrial Bipeds move at half speed in Water. 
Armor gives an extra Swift -2 and Dodge -1. Shields give an extra Swift -1
Blunt, Swinging, Cutting, Slashing, and Slicing Weapons are ineffective underwater. 
They get penalties of Attack and Damage -3. 
Only Thrusting, Piercing, and Impaling Weapons work Properly. These include: 
HTH: Spears, Daggers, Punch Daggers, Tridents, Forks, Man Catchers, Pincer Staffs,
Claws, Short Swords, Spike and Razor Armor Mods, Garrotes, Hooks, Nets
Ranged: Thin Javelins, Slender Darts, Spear Guns, All-Metal Bows and Crossbows 
The Range of all Ranged Weapons is halved. 


Combat Tactic of Smaller races vs Larger ones. A Character may find he is 
surrounded by a Dozen Goblins or Kobolds who are all trying to Grapple him at 
once. Treat this as a single Grapple Attack. This combined attack gets Brawl +1 
for every 2 Attackers that throw themselves on the Pile. A Successful Break will 
scatter them all. Assume that 2 Runts can fit into a single space. 

Like a Dog Pile but attackers are using weapons, and are not necessarily 
trying to grapple. The combined attack gets Attack +1 and Damage +1 per 2 
Attackers. If the Attack fails they are scattered. 


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