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He is FREE! L33t'Mon ( the clone formerly known as Evil Lee'Mon Clone) has been freed, on a very special quake edition of the Jerry Springer show. Read it here! What does than mean to all of you loyal followers? Where do we go from here? Well the big heads had more plans, which will probably be adjusted. A couple of things were in the pipeline, and a rumored Q2 single Player mod. (this can not be confirmed, as it was planned, read more here)It has appeared that justice has won out in the end. And no amount of q3 bots would have saved the clone, but a good old fashoned mercy plea/spam swayed PQ not only into freeing the clone, but giving him an unpaid job. We did think of appealing the decison not to pay him, but we thought that we had achieved enough fictonal justice already, and after all, without fictional injustice, I would have nothing to do.

Thanks you to all who participated, I have a nasty feeling that there was actually no one but me... but thats okay. If you even thought about helping, thanks. If you didnt kow about any of this till now, you can still help. I will personally be chasing up what PQ did to DOOM, but in future we may need some minor help with the Mod, if it surfaces (I am just chasing up some details on the team, we may need some minor[1-2 models] character models, but i gotta ask someone else first). If that is you, you can email me and I will keep in touch. At this stage there is no guarantees about a mod surfacing. Tangable evidence, is close to ready, but hey: after reading a few Lee'Mon editorals, we have decided to wait until it is ready. Thanks again to all who helped out!
PLAN B : CODENAME SPORK-SPAM! Wednesday May 24 23:34
The heads and would be heads met, and our next mission has been developed. Read it here! In short, you need to email PQ with your Evil Lee'Mon clone related poll questions now! The Clone is needing your support! We tried the military way, and now we will try the amnesty international way! Corpral status to all who include "spork" in their question and get it posted... To work marines!

In other news, the identities of the three attackers were revealed. COMMAND HQ assures us that they are at least 57% sure that it was Fargo, Hellchick, and Spyke... All of previous and current PQ fame... Hmmm, very interesting. HQ was unable to identify the sheep though.
Heres some exciting news, i recieved this transmittion from DOOM last night, they made an assault on PQ! Read it here! There were mixed results, its best you read it for yourself...
All right, this is a call to anyone out there interested in helping. Have you got an idea of how to get the Clone out? Email me with any and all of your ideas! If you want to join the team, email me! if you want to Gun-Run to Mexico in a armoured combi-van then youre in the wrong place... hold on a minute! We might just have to do that... Clone in the back... AK-47's out the front... Mexico here we come!
Hot on the heels of the launch of this site (merely 30 minutes I might add) is our first official members... Doom, from such games as Doom, Doom II and Quake 3 Arena, has volunteered his services. He said he was happy to lead the first wave, and that Crash whould also be along for the ride. He will report back with a battle plan tommorow, so check back for the full brief. I personally think he has some idea of storming the PQ offcies to free the EVIL LEE'MON CLONE! Godspeed! Our hopes are with you!

In other news, as it was mentioned before, this site is now gone official! please mind the stray html, all should be up in a day or two.

'Team' page and 'email' Page added accordingly, Doom and Crash linked to quake 3 homepage.... they didnt leave an email!
FREE EVIL LEE'MON CLONE! Monday May 22 03:11
Evil Lee'Mon Clone. He lives in the PQ basement, all by himself, and all he has for company is a 486! So you may ask... "What could I possibly do to help?" Everything possible! We need help from all possible sources! Sure he might be evil, but he is trapped! held under lock and key! And only with a 486!!! Damnit! We all must help! So stay tuned to this site. Over the next few weeks we will find out prior and future attempts for escape. We will see how the poor little man is forced to live. We will all offer talents and abilities required for the release of the Evil Lee'mon Clone! We will see the documented effects of selected medications from Hellchicks medicine cabnet! So Stay tuned!

All content both real and fictonal is UnCopyright UC 2000. All content both graphical and written; real and ethereal by Dr. Loaf