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Gamezombies: Press Releases & other Marketing info

Thursday, 15 September 2005

Xig & DVD rentals
Topic: New Game Announcements
Contact: Greg Scott


A new concept in board games teams up with a newconcept in DVD rentals

Chicago,IL, September 15, 2005 – GT² Fun & Games Inc. (creators of the new conceptboard game ‘XIG™ - The Four Elements’) and redbox™ Automated DVD Rental (a wholly owned subsidiary of McDonald’s) announced today aunique partnership for the month of October where purchasers of ‘XIG - The Four Elements’ from participating hobby, game, and toyretailers in select cities are given access to 4 free one night DVD rentalscourtesy of redbox. Both redbox and XIG have been recognized forinnovativeness in their respective industries, and have now teamed up for this‘first of it’s kind’ promotion for entertainment at home.

“We areextremely excited about the response to our new game ‘XIG-The FourElements’, said Greg Scott of GT². “I think the originality of the concept - capturing the adventure of laying out cool puzzle pathways while strategically out maneuvering your opponents - has really caughtpeoples’ imaginations. I hope that this unique offer also captures peoples’ imaginations – play a game and watch free movies . How good is that!.”

“The launch of redbox over the past number of months has been amazing”. said Kasey Short, Marketing Manager of redbox. “Our customers truly enjoy theconvenience that our system offers, allowing you to drop off your DVD rental atany redbox location. We are now thrilled to be part of this unique homeentertainment offering through leading hobby, game, and toy retailers’.

The unique entertainment package is being offered in all the current cities and areaswhere redbox is located – Baltimore, Minneapolis, Houston, Denver, SaltLake City, Washington, Las Vegas, and Hartford. A list of participating retailers will be posted on beginning September 28. Interested retailers should contact GT² prior to September 23.

AboutGT² Fun & Games Inc.
GT² is a Calgary, AB and Chicago, IL based entrepreneurial venture founded by 4 seasoned veterans of various disciplines, including graphic design, art direction, strategic management and marketing. GT² is ‘fun’ inspired and hopes to helpcreate great memories through great games. XIG™ represents the first product for GT², with plans well underway for XIG™ extensions into new languages and markets, licensed products, and later generations of the coregame. For more information about XIG™ and GT², visit

About redbox
A wholly owned subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, redbox is a leading renter of DVD’s through automated kiosks. Redbox continues to revolutionize the DVD rental industry as it expands its footprint inside McDonald’s restaurants, grocery stores and other locations. By theend of 2005, redbox will haveover 1200 kiosks installed and ready for use nation wide. For moreinformation about redbox can befound at

For more information contact:

Greg Scott

Ph -403.289.9441 (XIG1)

Fax –403.289.9441

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Thursday, 28 July 2005
July 27, 2005


Greg Moore
301A NW Central
Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Fax: 816/524-4178
E-mail: Opens for Business.

(Lee's Summit, MO USA) is a new Web site specializing
in downloadable gaming products. The Web store allows customers to browse
for products, download demos, purchase using PayPal and download their
purchases. The shopper can purchase, print and play a game all in the same
day. Products range from board games, miniatures rules, card games and paper
miniatures to e-books, and magazine subscriptions. Customers with slow or
unreliable Internet connections can choose to have their purchases burned on
a CD-ROM and mailed. provides new and innovative products for gamers. The
Web store enables artists and publishers to get their products to the gaming
market with little overhead expense. Game publishers can quickly produce
items for the consumer with little marketing and spend more time on the
creative process.

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Xig announcement
Topic: New Game Announcements



NEW GAME first of its kind to combine the best features of strategyboard games, the adventure of puzzle making, and collectible cards –
‘the Original Puzzle Trading Card Game©’

Calgary, AB, July 27, 2005 – Most people enjoy a great strategygame – some people love puzzles – and others are excited aboutcollectible cards. In extremely unique fashion and the ‘first ofits kind’, GT² Fun & Games Inc. has combined all of these featuresand officially unveiled today the much anticipated game ‘XIG™ - TheFour Elements’. The extremely unique and innovatively designedstrategy game immediately captured attention with the stunning new style gameart by artist Tim Huesken and the very original idea behind the tile strategygame combination with collectible puzzle cards.

Gamers young andold who got a chance to play the game at sneak peek sessions last night in Calgary and Chicagowere clearly impressed with the game. “A first class game involvingthe beauty of puzzle making, the strategy of a great board game, and the bestelements of fun that make great games great.” commented Lonni Olson, along time game enthusiast. 12 year old Max Nawrot concurred, “Thisis awesome. The Fire Pathway is for sure my favorite – but Ican’t wait to see the Air Pathway”. A son and mom comboalso raved about the game - “Some games my son likes I justdon’t get it – he loves this one and not only would I buy this gamefor my kids, I’ll play it and understand it!”, added mother Cindy Cardiff.

Feedback for thegame has been strong from retailers and distributors. “XIG™potentially represents a whole new category of product for gamers” saidSean Devitt of the Sentry Box game store in Calgary. “There is great responsefrom those who see and play the game. It will be very exciting to seeXIG™ and the future plans over the next few years.”

“It has beensaid before, but XIG™ is unlike anything in the marketplace today”,said Greg Scott of GT². “I think the originality of the concept -capturing the adventure of puzzle making, the fun of a strategy board game, andthe options for collectible cards - has really caught peoples’imaginations.”


XIG™is a tile style board game utilizing various play strategies and memory skills– involving ‘puzzle playing cards’ that ‘click’ togetherto form amazing pathways as you play. Some people seem to purely enjoyputting the puzzle together to see the pathways and check out all the creaturesand artifacts and their unique way of fitting together. However, the realadventure comes in playing the game where players race each other to completetheir chosen pathway – hindered by opponents forcing played cards out ofthe pathways and into memory piles. Special ‘XAP’ Cards(involving magic spells that advance or thwart your efforts) put a great edgeto the game. It ultimately comes down to strategy of how you place yourpuzzle cards, strategies used to protect your cards & pathway, and when youplay your ‘XAP’ Cards versus your opponent(s). Luck of thedraw of cards and strategies chosen truly makes every game playeddifferent.

Thepathways in the game are based on the 4 ancient elements – Earth, Fire,Water, and Wind (Air). The artwork is very cool with the creatures withineach pathway aligned with their respective element. Players typicallydevelop a favorite pathway as they are exposed to the game and the creaturecreations.

Thegame is being offered in an original Game Box offering the complete set ofEarth and Water Pathways, plus 30 XAP Cards, 2 XIG Cards, and 2 card collectorboxes. This will be followed very shortly with Expansion Packs containingthe complete sets of the Fire and Air Pathways. The Expansion Packs willinclude everything needed to create and play alternative puzzle pathways of thegame and enable to expand the game from 2 players to 3 or 4 players ormore. The Expansion Packs will also contain special limited editioncollectible cards appealing to fans of game collectibles. The limitededition cards also have the ability to slightly alter the game play offeringfresh new angles to the game. “Through focus groups we found adesire to collect the cards because of their originality”, addedScott. “We designed the Puzzle Cards specifically to be able to fitperfectly into card sleeves so that as an option for those interested in thecollectible side – players will be able to collect the new limitededition cards first through a taste in the Expansion Packs – and laterwith special Booster Packs featuring special collectible cards for thepathways.”

After 2 years ofdevelopment, test play, focus groups, and refinements – the puzzlingadventures of what XigSaw is underway. XIG™ is available at leadinggame retailers across North America. Find out more about XIG™ by visiting Try XIG™, theadventure is worth it for the whole family.

PLEASE NOTE - ‘XIG™ - The Four Elements’ is being released and shipped todistributors this week and can be expected to be available at retail locations inapproximately 2 weeks.

AboutGT² Fun & Games Inc.
GT² is aCalgary, AB andChicago, ILbased entrepreneurial venture founded by 4 seasoned veterans of variousdisciplines, including graphic design, art direction, strategic management andmarketing. GT² is ‘fun’ inspired and hopes to helpcreate great memories through great games. XIG™ represents thefirst product for GT², with plans well underway for XIG™ extensions intonew languages and markets, licensed products, and later generations of the coregame.

For moreinformation contact:

Greg Waring or GregScott

Ph -403.289.9441 (XIG1)

Fax –403.289.9441

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Updated: Thursday, 28 July 2005 6:28 AM PDT
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Thursday, 21 July 2005

Xig Preview
Topic: New Game Announcements

Posted by games/zombiereviews at 6:10 AM PDT
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CHITAG Chairperson
Topic: Toy & Game Fairs
The Chicago InternationalToy & Game Fair

Mayor Richard M. Daley named HonoraryChairperson

We are proud to announce that Mayor Richard M. Daley(Chicago) will be our Honorary Chair of CHITAG 2005! The Mayor will pen ourWelcome Letter in the Chicago Tribune Special Insert, attend a ribbon cutting (schedulepermitting) and we are working with the City on new programs and publicity. TheMayor’s reputation for innovative and creative programs to reach familiesis known nationwide and we are honored with his support.

With this news, we have opened up more space. There is stilltime to get a booth and if you hurry, you can still take advantage of the free1/8th page with a 10 x 10 booth or larger in the Chicago TribuneInsert going to 125,000 targeted households. Ad space is available fornon-exhibitors and smaller exhibitors as well.

In addition to the many booths at theFair, there is stage entertainment with appearances from Ronald McDonald, RadioDisney Party Patrol, game shows, improv groups, etc. There are a variety ofmoonwalks, Giant Jengas, Marshmallow Shooters, CarpetSlides, Giant Board Games(you play a piece on a board), JumpSkate, Baseball, and much much more.

The Fair dates are:

Friday, Sept 2nd 4 pm to 10 pm

Saturday, Sept 3rd 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, Sept 4th 10 am to 5 pm.

The media loves this event and is thereevery day. It is a feel good and fun show. Families are everywhere. Trade,media and educators are our guests.

Come join the fun!

Mary Couzin

Fair Director

Aaron Gessner

PR Maven

Anita Daniel

Event Maven


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Xig announcement
Topic: New Game Announcements



Striking NEW GAME combines best features of board games, collectiblecards & puzzle creations – ‘the Original Puzzle Trading CardGame’

Chicago,Il, July 16, 2005– GT²Fun & Games Inc. today announced the North American release of‘XIG™ – The Four Elements Game’ for kids andfamilies. The extremely unique and innovatively designed strategy gamewill officially be unveiled and be available at select game retailersthroughout North America beginning July 27th.

“XIG™ is unlike anything in the marketplace today”, said GregScott of GT². “Most refer to it first as a great new strategy boardgame – others see the fantastic potential as a refreshing brand new arenaand an exciting twist on the collectible card game concept – and othersare simply captivated by the amazing puzzle pathways that the gamecreates.”

Earlyfeedback on the game has been tremendous. “The comments have beenawesome. Our testing through focus groups in various areas of North America, as well as feedback from retailers anddistributors, has given us great confidence that the game will be a big hitwith consumers, young and old. The game seems to have captured that magicblend as it continues to garner fantastic response from both kids andparents.” Over the last two years, the GT² team has thoroughlydeveloped, consumer tested, and refined XIG™ to ensure a successfullaunch and a game that will excite both consumers and retailers. “We are really excited about the retailers who have jumped on board forour launch – we plan to take good care of the original group of retailersthat is forming through our distributors.”

Asneak peak of the game can be found at,although the full web-site – including a list of where XIG™ can bepurchased – will not officially be unveiled until the game launch date ofJuly 27. GT² has also announced that they will unveil an interestingtwist to XIG™ at their booth at GenCon ( Indianapolis,August 18-21.

AboutGT² Fun & Games Inc.
GT² is aCalgary, AB andChicago, ILbased entrepreneurial venture founded by 4 seasoned veterans of variousdisciplines, including graphic design, art direction, strategic management andmarketing. GT² is ‘fun’ inspired and hopes to helpcreate great memories through great games. XIG™ represents thefirst product for GT², with plans well underway for XIG™ extensions intonew languages and markets, licensed products, and later generations of the coregame.

For moreinformation contact:

Greg Waring or GregScott

Ph -403.289.9441 (XIG1)

Fax –403.289.9441

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Monday, 13 June 2005

Toy & Game Inventor's Forum
Topic: Toy & Game Fairs
The 9th Annual Toy and Game Inventor's Forum™
Thursday - Saturday September 8th - 10th, 2005
Disney's Contemporary Resort - Orlando, FL


Bigger than ever before, TGIF rolls into Orlando, FL from September 8-10, 2005 at the Walt Disney Contemporary Resort.

TGIF is the only event in the world where attendee and exhibitors get to meet, learn from and sell their ideas or inventions to the "who's who" of the toy & game industry.

TGIF boasts a speaking faculty of over 40 key toy and entertainment executives from companies that include: Mattel, Hasbro, Hasbro Games, Fisher-Price, Imagination Entertainment, Pressman Toy, Radica, Binney & Smith, Spin Master Toys, University Games, US Patent and Trademark Office, National Parenting Center, Calendar Club, Think Fun, Wham-O, Infinitoy, Ohio Art, Color Forms, Ravensburger (Germany) and ALGA (Sweden).

There will be many high-level buyers, reps, marketing gurus, technology firms, trend tracking organizations, forecasters and much more.

Attendees participate in round table discussions, one-on-one sessions and dozens of events over the 3-day program.


Product Showcase - A display & preview of the newest offerings from toy companies well before the holiday shopping season.

Inventor Contest - Our expert faculty will be choosing winners from inventor entries at the show.

KidVention - Is a nationwide contest for children to invent their own toy or game.

This unique and educational event is designed to promote intra-industry relations and create new synergistic partnerships. In addition, TGIF gives inventors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the toy and game arena, learning from and potentially selling their product or service to, industry leaders.

Join us and rub elbows, share ideas, make connections, exhibit your services, license your idea!

For further information or to register for TGIF, please visit our website at or feel free to contact Bob Keegan.

Bob Keegan
Toy & Game Inventor's Forum

31 West Downer Place, Suite 100
Aurora, IL 60506
Phone: 630.906.1575
Toll Free: 888.683.8443
Fax: 630.906.9388

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Sunday, 24 April 2005

Topic: Toy & Game Fairs
The Chicago International Toy and Game Fair

The Chicago Int’l Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier

September 2, 3 and 4, 2005 – Consumer Show

Trade, Educators and Media are our Guests

We are gearing up for the 2005 Fair, September 2nd through 4th, at Chicago's Navy Pier with new hours! This year we will start Friday at 4 pm with a Friday Night Play Night and end Sunday at 5 pm. No need to labor on Labor Day! The new Fair hours are:

Friday, September 2nd, 4 to 10 pm - Friday Night Play Night

Saturday, September 3rd, 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, September 4th, 10 am to 5 pm

Fantastic pictures and video from 2004 can be seen at Just click on the Pictures & Video button. Comments from last year's exhibitors can be read on the homepage. We still have booths and our new specially priced Inventor Tables & Entrepreneur Booths available, so register now. Chicago’s historic Navy Pier is an extraordinary venue with beautiful views, a variety of activities and hundreds of thousands of people on the Pier that weekend.

To make it easier for you to stay during the Fair, we have negotiated special guest room rates of only $149/night for a suite at The Embassy Suites Lakefront Hotel. The free Navy Pier Trolley stops on its way to and from the Pier which is only 2 blocks away. Embassy Suites offers spacious two room suites with a city or lake view, a private bedroom and a separate living room with a well-lit dining/work table. All overnight guests receive a complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast daily and an evening manager’s reception. Many Fair exhibitors and guests put this benefit to use by networking both mornings and evenings.

Reservation Information:

511 N. Columbus Drive
Chicago, Il 60611
To book online, go to ‘Make Reservations’ and under ‘Special Account’ there is a Group/Convention code, put in the code TOY. That will give the Chicago Int'l Toy & Game Fair rate.

Join us! This will be our third year and we are growing by leaps and bounds.

Questions? Contact:

General - Mary Couzin,

Media/PR - Aaron Gessner,

Events/Sponsorships - Anita Daniel,


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Wednesday, 17 November 2004

CHITAG: wrap up
Topic: Toy & Game Fairs
Greetings Toy and Game Industry Professionals:

Greetings Toy and Game Industry Professionals!

Another successful Fair!!! If you joined us, thank you. If not, we hope you join us next year. Once again, I think it best to let some of the exhibitors tell you about their experiences:

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair is a proven venue for reaching the general public. Families with children of all ages flowed into our booth throughout the weekend. We were pleased with our sales from the 2003 CHITAG - and sales from this year were even better! See you in 2005! Matt Mariani, Out of the Box Publishing

It was like a whole year's worth of fun packed into one weekend! We will be back. Ken Wickman, National Account Manager – Sears, Escalade Sports

CHITAG is a wonderful show and one that gives us access to new customers, people we would never see without this show! We’ll be back. Jay M. Tummelson, Rio Grande Games

The show itself was better than I had hoped. Families came and played together all day. Children were accompanied by an adult and they played together. I wasn't a babysitter like I am at some shows. The environment was festive with music and activities everywhere including on the stage. Adults were in a good mood and fortunately buying. I sold 50% more than I expected. I actually profited from a show I hoped to breakeven and get some exposure. I will be back next year. Jay Danner, Classic Golf Gifts

We found CHITAG to be a lively, family-oriented venue where we could interact directly with the consumer, test new ideas and network with industry folks. The added bonus of the media coverage (local TV and print) that we attained due to exhibiting at CHITAG 2004 gave us even broader exposure. Jenna Banks, V.P. MarBan Industries, Inc.

My wife and I attended the Chicago International Toy and Game Fair Saturday. We had so much fun that we came back again on Sunday. We live in McHenry, IL and took the train and then the free shuttles into and out of Navy Pier. We enjoyed having the ability to "test play" games before making decisions on buying them. I've seen many of them advertised before, but being able to play them instead of just relying on the box descriptions was a real plus. I think we were more than "window shoppers" as we spent $274 on 18 games. Thank you so much for making our Labor Day weekend a great one! Bruce Toussaint, Attendee

Great show, kids and parents were all smiles and seemed to have a really fun time enjoying all the new games. Looking forward to another fabulous show next year as it continues to grow. Frank DiLorenzo, R&R Games, Inc.

CHITAG 2004 was even better than last year's success. It was great "work" watching, playing and selling our games to the thousands of attendees. We look forward to CHITAG 2005 which will undoubtedly be even bigger and better. Darlene Calhoun, Chuckle Games - Laughter in a box!

From our point of view CHITAG was a huge success. Will we be back next year? Definitely. I was here in 2003 (as an attendee) and it looked to me that this year was at least double. We’re already planning for CHITAG 2005 when I’m sure it’ll be even bigger. Catherine and Graeme Thomson, HL Games USA Limited

As I expected CHITAG was even bigger and better than last year and I believe it will continue to grow for years to come. We had a great time and certainly enjoyed playing games in our booth. Dave Yearick. Inventor of Tribond, Kuuduck and This Vs That and representative at ToySite/Starbucks's booth

CHITAG was great for us. We were just introducing our first board game and new to the industry. Not only did the show give us the chance to show Roundabout to the public, and get feedback, but we were able to meet many others in the industry, which is very helpful to a company just starting out. Our game even got on local TV. We’ll be back. Greg Otero, Otero Games

As an Exhibitor I found that CHITAG 2004 was a great way for me to get my product out there to the public. My game was showcased on NBC as part of a story about the Fair and I was able to garner more sales by using the live stage at CHITAG to explain and play my product. I'll definitely be back next year! Aaron Gessner, G5 Productions

As a game designer with games at several booths at CHITAG, I was thrilled with the show. I got to watch families enjoying and buying my games and hundreds of other great games, and discovering just how much fun you can have with no computers in sight! CHITAG is right in the center of the current resurgence in America of face to face game playing. This show is here to stay! Aaron Weissblum, Game Designer

The quotes have a common theme – WE WILL BE BACK. Thousands of toys and games were demoed and sold, attendees enjoyed stage entertainment including Radio Disney Party Patrol, Dr. Cool and Pride, Boots & Lace, Out Of The Box’s Biggest Apples to Apples Game Ever, R & R Smarty Party Live Game Show, The Brainstrain and Celebrity Game Shows, and more. Characters like Cabbage Patch Kids, Captain Pike and Sentence Says Man walked the Fair. The Fiendishly Fun Toy & Game Quiz was a huge hit with a HUGE box of toys and games won by a Fair attendee from Michigan.

Tim Walsh, co-inventor of Tri-Bond and Blurt!, author of The Playmakers, gave an insightful and terrific keynote address to the industry and public to play more. He introduced our special guest, John Spinello, as follows:

In this country, if you create a piece of music that sells a million copies, you’re on the cover of Rolling Stone. If you write a novel that sells that amount – you’re on the New York Times best-seller list. But if you create the game of Operation – a game that hasn’t sold a million copies, or 10 million, not 20 million, or 40, but over 50 million copies – you’re relatively unknown? Unknown perhaps, but no longer uncelebrated. John Spinello the inventor of Operation is here this morning! There are many other inventors here and maybe, just maybe they’ve invented the next 50 million seller. Maybe you’ll be the first to play it here at CHITAG.

Thank you, Tim, and everyone who helped to make 2004 grow to the success it was. We are already making plans for 2005 and we hope you are part of them!

Mary Couzin, Show Manager

Contact, or 847-677-8277 for more information.

Help celebrate National Games Week November 21 - 27!!! Visit for details.

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Friday, 20 August 2004

More CHITAG info
Mood:  party time!
Topic: Toy & Game Fairs
Make sure you stop by the HL Games booth and check out their great game, GO mental – winner of the PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD in Creative Child’s Top Creative Toy Awards, 2004

The Chicago International Toy & Game Fair

September 4, 5 and 6, 2004

Come Twist With Us….

CHITAG’s events team is working around the clock to make everyone a winner! And who wouldn’t be, with the great line up of products and entertainment in store for you at Navy Pier!

If the Pier Pressure gets to be too much, don’t get bent out of shape – GET TWISTED! Go out on a limb with 2,499 other participants in Chicago’s Biggest Twister Event EVER! Sponsor SBC makes it possible to put your right foot forward. Registration dockside from 10 am Saturday Sept. 4. The event kicks off at 2 pm.

If you need a break from previewing and playing the hottest new toys and games, Game Show Guru is running an excellent program of events on stage ranging from Tim Walsh’s Keynote address featuring the ‘surgeon general’ himself, John Spinello (the inventor of Operation), to the cure for all that ails you, Dr. Cool and Pride with their hip hop feel good music. Boots & Lace will also be singing their latest hits. Radio Disney Patrol rides out regularly with music, giveaways including Wizards of the Coast Duel Masters. Cabbage Patch Kids, Captain Pike, Sentence Says Man and other characters will be walking the floor. Register to win a trip to Hawaii from Otero Games. Rounding out the events with challenges you can’t refuse are R&R Games’ Smarty Party Game Show, Out of the Box’s Biggest Bunch of Apples to Apples Players Ever Assembled, The Brainstrain and The Celebrity Game Show!

In an effort to ensure that show programs don’t simply end up in recycling bins, we’re betting the inclusion of The Fiendishly Fun Toy & Game Quiz sponsored by HL Games will make the program a collector’s item…or at least something worth keeping until the holiday ordering season rolls around! As a sneak preview:

a) The dice game Perudo originated in which country?

b) The board game, Snakes and Ladders, originated in which country?

c) The Yo-Yo originated in which country?

d) The game, Chinese Checkers, originated in which country?

If you can’t get that mapped out, there’s sure to be other questions that don’t require an atlas to set the world spinning!

There are only a few booths still available. Join the following exhibitors and sponsors for a great time and terrific media exposure (already booked on morning TV news programs, print is running, radio calling and cameras will be everywhere at the Fair) with trade and exhibitors from all across the globe.

SBC Discovery Toys Busser Bears

R & R Games Gamewalas Dream Makers Inc.

Gamewright The Idea Corps The Fitness Challenge

ToySite Tri Check North Star Games LLC

Out-of-the-Box Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game Gotta Laff Games

Eagle Games Radio Disney Modernized Toys Inc.

UberPlay G5 Productions CTC Publishing

Go! The Game Store Chuckle Games Marban Industries

Rio Grande Sierra Packaging ACT Games

Expert Toy Glow King Kalypso Concepts

Hasbro Live Oak Games 444 Games

GameBuilders HL Games Game Show Gurus

FRV Group Dr. Cool & Pride Rehtmeyer Inc. Kia Cirondo

NON Ltd Language Stars Evanston Go Club

S & C Trading Cabbage Patch Kids Lowes

Oltero Games Sassi Games

All About Presidents Boots and Lace Poligames

S & S Innovations, Inc. Gamer’s Paradise Morning Star Games

Keys Publishing Bally’s Fitness Ring Around the Phonics

Easy Toys Going Crazy Inc. 1783 Productions

Kid’s Juke Box Odyssey Learning Games

Go! The Game Store is available to talk to exhibitors who want to demo their products, but not sell.

HL Games is putting together a consortium of game companies from Europe. If you are interested, contact them at

Here’s just a taster of some of the products at the Fair:

Expert Racers - Puts you in the driver’s seat of your favorite Die-Cast car. Award winning toy.

Girls Nite Out - Treat your girlfriends to a laugh-out-loud good time with this surprisingly revealing & hilarious party game!

OUT OF THE BOX PUBLISHING - Innovative party, card and board games that provide fresh, fun and engaging ways to enjoy time with friends and family. So easy to learn, we’ll have you playing in no time!

Roundabout - The family game that adults love to play… even without their kids! The challenge of traditional strategy mixed with the excitement of multi-player games.

R&R Games – The award winning line of fun family and party games. Smarty Party®, Thingamajig®, Time's UP!®, Birds, Bugs & Beans®, First Hand®, Pigpile®, Too Many Cooks®, Flea Circus®, Tin Soldiers®. SOLD!®, Riddles & Riches®.

Chuckle Games - Laughter in a box! brings their award winning games and more! Brainstrain - The No Pain Game! A Who, What, Where Am I? game has never been this much fun. Fabrication - The story game that proves you're FULL OF IT! Twenty-two other exciting games from inventors around the world! offered in a Variety Pack!

The Fitness Challenge - The first-ever reality board game: a personal trainer in box. Start and maintain an eight-week exercise program. Play with a friend, spouse, co-worker or child.

1783 Productions - Debuts the latest gadget for the digital media age: The DVD Rewinder

FORAY! - A 2 player game of strategy, risks and rewards. Penetrate your opponent's defenses to score points but don't run out of air or get captured!

Live Oak Games - Come see us, meet our game designer - and beat him at his own games! Games the whole family can enjoy. Come see SiegeStones and Ice Lake!

Disorderly Conduct – The game of American federal and state law with players engaging in debate by examining the rules by which we live.

Victory Honor – The original and clever game of ideas and twists. “If this is not the pinnacle of trick-taking games, it is awfully close to the peak."

Sentence Says - The brand new, quick-thinking sentence creation game that has transformed the art of English grammar into a fun filled pastime!"

GO mental - The game where all the players are involved all the time. Don’t go mad, GO mental. It’s about the most fun your brain can have!

Rio Grande Games – New games this year include Fearsome Floors (a monster-themed game), Dawn Under (a vampire memory game), Goldbrau (a beer investment game), and more.

Trivia CasinoT – The fast-paced party game that combines the most exciting

elements of both trivia and gambling.

CluzzleT - Unlike any other sculpting game because players do not need to sculpt realistically. On the contrary, a cluzzle is a clay puzzle.

Arnold Palmer Indoor Golf Game - The fun interactive golf game that is played indoors. It is enjoyed by all ages.

GOING-GOING CRAZY - An Exciting New Children's Educational Board game that’s FUN for the whole Family and will drive you CRAZY!!.

CELEBRITY - Get your team to guess the names of celebrities in 6 different categories ranging from entertainment to sports without ever saying the celebrity's name!

TRI CHECK! - takes the traditional game of checkers taken to a whole new level! 3 dimensional strategy and challenge!

QUINTAGON - a board game designed for family interaction and fun for 2 to 5 players ages 6 to adult. Maximize your moves, avoid home returns, block your opponents, head for free spaces and have fun.

Cirondo – The inter-stellar strategy game. Beyond chess. Beyond strategy. Beyond this solar system. Accept the challenge.

DiscoverGames - Showcasing 40 games from Indies around the world.

CHITAG. It’s more than just an international toy & game fair. It’s a party! See you there!

Mary Couzin


Posted by games/zombiereviews at 6:43 AM PDT
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