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Welcome to the Game Zombies' realm!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you pick the name "Zombies?"

A: Think about how you feel after you have played a long boardgame. You feel tired, spaced out, and apathetic to most suggestions for what to do next. Now, take that feeling and imagine it after playing several long games in a row -- which we do when we review the games -- the feeling is amplified many times over. You feel like you are so tired that eyes are glazed and you cannot think for yourself any more.

When I was thinking about putting this site together, I wanted to pick a name that matched this feeling -- "Zombie" seemed to fit this perfectly.

Why do you call yourself the "Baron"?

A: Two reasons -- First, my name is Werner. This has inspired numerous nicknames throughout my life usually relating to Werner von Braun, the famous German scientist who helped with the Manhattan project. Since some of my friends desparately wanted to tease me about my name -- I will get called "Werner von Fee." After this didn't work too well, they dropped my first name and added the title "Baron von Fee" a la the red baron.

The second reason is that in zombie mythology (VooDoo specifically), the name "Baron Samedi" is that of an infamous zombie master who casts spells over people changing them into zombies that do his bidding. "Baron" seemed to fit with the zombie theme, so I kept it.

What do you do to review the games?

A: First, we play the game -- even if we've played it before and hated it -- we play it once as a group. Next we ask ourselves these questions:

  • Was the game fun?

  • Would you buy it again?

  • What are the good things about the game?

  • What are the bad things about the game?

After those are answered by the group, I write up the review.

How many Zombies help you review games?

A: Normally there are three of us -- on occassion we get extra players and they help us by allowing us to play a game that needs more people. I'll ask them our questions afterward, too -- and I use their responses in the reviews.

Why don't you review playstation or computer games?

A: Please read my brief discussion here. Besides, I like playstation games -- but I'm not that great at playing them.

Do any game companies send you free games?

A: We all can dream! Not very often, so far I am only reviewing games that I have bought (and one or two that the Zombies have bought.) There have been a few game companies that have loaned me a copy to review or given me a discount -- but usually I'm reviewing what I own. If there is a game company that want's my opinion on their game, I'll welcome their request -- please read here for my commissioned review policy.

How often is the site updated?

A: I try to update the site at least once during each calendar month. Sometimes this means that the update won't occur until the end of the month, but so far I've been pretty good at keeping on schedule for the middle of the month. My typical day to update things is Sunday night.

May I link to your site?

A: Yes, you may -- please list out my site title in your link. Or, if you'd like, you may use one of these link banners (please make a copy for your own site):

The URL is

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Game Zombies Board Game Review

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