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Welcome to the Game Zombies' realm!

Why is this site here?

During endless surfing on the web, I have noticed that many things get reviewed: movies, video games, cars, and restaurants. I noticed that for one of my hobbies, board gaming, there were very few reviews. My wife and I have collected Board Games for several years now, and are constantly searching for the next cool game. We often find ourselves in a game store asking, "How can you tell which games play better than others?"

On this site, we attempt to provide a simple review of each game that we have attempted. Hopefully it will allow other people the information to decide whether or not they like a game before spending a lot of money on it. We will recommend games that we think are especially cool, and warn anyone away from games that just don't quite figure out how to be fun.

Enjoy the reviews -- may they help you choose the best game for you.

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