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Commissioned Review Policy

Last update: 8/18/2002

Intended Audience:

This is intended for Game designers and Game Design Company Marketing personnel who wish to have a game reviewed by this site.

Statement of Intent:

"Gamezombies Board Game Review" receives occasional requests for reviewing a newly produced game. As the reviews are being performed by a small group -- there are limited resources to put toward these new ventures. Money and time are commodities that hold considerable value -- even to a hobby review site. Simply put, we don't have the cash to buy a copy of every game mentioned to us. This policy is to help facilitate the review requests.


The maintainers of this site will entertain requests to review games that we do not yet own with the following requirements.

Within the e-mail request, please include contact information so that we can inform you when your game's review has been posted.

When providing us with a game to review, please state explicitly if we are to return it to you after reviewing the game. If you do not state this, we will keep the copy of your game.

Commissioned reviews will receive a higher priority in our review queue. Once we have a copy of your game, we will make every effort to post a review of it within two months. (The site is updated once a month.)

What to expect from our reviews:

We will be as fair as we can be. If we dislike the game, we'll attempt to explain why. Simply providing us a gift copy of the game will not guarantee a positive review.

Quotes from our review may be taken and used for your own publicity providing that you attribute the quote to this site, and provide a link to this site.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Werner Fee.

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