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    10/16-If you haven't noticed already, I haven't updated my site in about 2 months. I may not be able to update anymore because of schoolwork and afterschool sports. I am very sorry.

    8/17-MS Frontpage is working again. Added a bunch of combos and a deck.

    7/29-I'm going to another basketball camp today and won't be back until Friday so I won't change the Card of the Month or update until I get back.

    7/20-I'll update once MS Frontpage is up again. I could do it manually with HTML but that takes forever. Angelfire is haveing problems with MS Frontpage right now. If you don't see your submission(s) yet, don't worry.

    7/14-I'm very sorry but I have little time to update these days and MS Frontpage is down on Angelfire so I can't update a lot at a time. But I can add a couple submissions with regular HTML.

    7/11-My internet connection was shut down since the last update, so I couldn't update. Sorry about that.

    7/3-I thought summer would yield me more time to work on my site. It appears though, that I have to study and practice basketball so I will be updating less frequent. If your submission hasn't been posted yet, don't worry. I haven't posted submissions since May 5th, 2001. I will try my best to post EVERY submission but it'll take some time.

    7/1-New Card of the Month! Also got a new banner! See it Here

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