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My Family Research

Greta's Graveyard
Take a walk through my graveyard, find out where people are, and help me to clean up some graves!

Castalanelli Pages:

Help! I corresponded with Michelle Passalick of Australia regarding this family, and lost contact when I had the fire - and all the information that she shared with me... Michelle - please email me!

Castalanelli Home Page

Flower Pages:

Flower Home Page
A Transcript of the will of Henry FLOWER
An obituary for Henry Truefitt FLOWER (c1862-1950)

Gordon Pages:

We have available keyrings featuring the GORDON crest... email me if you would like further details.

Gordon Home Page
The search for the SMITH girls
An Obituary for Alexander GORDON
An Obituary for Alexander Lawrence GORDON
Lawrence and the Boer War
The wedding of Colin GORDON and Jean SHARP

Huffam Pages:

We have available keyrings featuring the HUFFAM coat of arms... email me if you would like the details.

Huffam Home Page
T. Blake Huffam's Story
T. Blake HUFFAM's Obituary
The story of Julius Valentine Blake HUFFAM
My Many Yesterdays: Number One
My Many Yesterdays: Number Two
My Many Yesterdays: Number Three
Gerard HUFFAM's Story
An Interview with Gerard HUFFAM
HUFFAM Photo Gallery

Jacobsen Pages:

Jacobsen Home Page

Hans and Anna Wilhelmina JACOBSEN
A Report of Hans' Death at the mouth of the Buller River
A Transcript of Hans Will, and scanned images of the original
A Report of the Inquest into Anna Wilhelimina's Death

Johann Seigmund Martin (Isaac) JACOBSEN
Johann Seigmund Martin (Isaac) JACOBSEN's Story
An obituary for Johann Seigmund Martin (Isaac) JACOBSEN
Diamond Town
Christchurch Drainage
An obituary for Clara Fulgentia JACOBSEN
An obituary for Peter Frank JACOBSEN
A Description of "the Duchesses of Seatoun" - Reta and Clare JACOBSEN
A Report of Marble in the Motueka Hills - Joseph JACOBSEN

Johann Andreas JACOBSEN

Johann Julius Heinrich (Henry) JACOBSEN
Henry JACOBSEN's Story
Henry JACOBSEN's fight with the Nelson Provincial Government
Henry JACOBSEN's story in his own words
A letter outlining a shark attack on Henry
A Photo of Henry - 1914
Henry's Children

McMorrine Pages:

McMorrine Home Page
An Accident on the Wharf - the report of James McMorrine's death

Nicol Pages:

Nicol Home Page
Alexander and Isabella's Children
The JARVIE Connection
Nicol Family Photos

Robinson Pages:

Robinson Home Page
Mary Mercies Statement Regarding Her Mother and Family
The Cordial Factories
Labels from the Cordial Factories
More Labels from the Cordial Factories
Tommy Robinson's story of his grandparents
Hannah BLAKE's Children

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