Mr. Harbert's Mom

     Mr. Harbert sure was not a boastful man but like most of us, when it came to his mother he sure wanted her to know he had done her proud.   He had her come up for the day and it was my job to fly her and Mr. Harbert over all the jobs.  She was well on in years but that didn't seem to have effected her mind any because she was a sharp lady.
     Mr. Harbert had shown her quite a bit of the local jobs and we had just set down for lunch at the Straight Creek operation because of their reputation for such fine lunches.  Mr. Harbert came over to the front seat to help his mother out and asked her what she thought of the operation so far.  Her exact words were, "This Helicopter is all right".  That caught Mr. Harbert totally off guard and he started to laugh a little. He glanced at me but I had to turn away a little so his mom would not see me laughing as well.  Here he had gone to all this effort to show her all of what he had accomplished and she was only interested in the helicopter.   Moms are like that.
     After lunch Mr. Harbert canceled out the rest of the jobs tour and gave her what we called the 50 cent tour.  That was a code we used for how much of a local look see I was suppose to give various new people on the ship.  A "nickel" tour was just a fly over of the Mountain Drive job.  The "quarter" tour was a fly over of all the local jobs.  The "50 cent" tour was a fly over of all the local jobs and a short fly over "Hensley Settlement" which was very close by and was the last actual "Hillbilly" settlement in the U.S.  It sits atop the Cumberland Gap National Park, which bordered the Mountain Drive job.  Needless to say, Mr. Harbert's mom was really impressed with "Hensley Settlement".

The End