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My Cool Samurai Shodown Page

Ah. . .so. . .you have managed to reach my SS page. Samurai Shodown seems at first to be some typical Street Fighter, kung-fu sort of game. And it's basically true. What I really like about this game is the characters, which seem to have a lot of vivacity. Don't ask me for codes or combos for this game because I've played it before and I really suck at it. But I like the game's characters, and there is such a variety of them. Visit my ART PAGE

These hot bitches,Asura and Sogetsu, belong to

Want to *adopt* a samurai?

Disclaimer: Samurai Shodown and its characters are property of SNK. This is a non-profit fan site; I'm not a fucking capitalist here, even though I need some gas money. But Thunder and Redness was written in its entirety by ME, Laura C, and if you try to copy it in any form or fashion, I'll bust your ass in court.

Samurai Shodown Ring!!

This Samurai Spirits Ring site
owned by --Laura---.
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Yeah, I know this page looks pretty retarted right now, but here is what I plan to do in the near future

Places to visit

Thunder and Redness: A fanfic by Irene Trent (which is my pseudonym by the way. . .)
Gallery of my Favorite SS characters
Asura Shrine
Beyond the Hidden Plain: A fanfic by Frederic Hoffert