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The Roach Fan Webring!

Are you a Roaches fan?DO you have a webpage?Splendid!Join our new webring.The purpose is to bring all the Roach fans together on the internet!


1.Click here to add your site to the queue.

2.Copy the following html and place it in the editor.NOTE:You will be sent and email with the code already customized for you.And after you've submitted your page,you will be taken to a page with the code also customized for you!!!!

<!--BEGIN The Roach Fan Ring Fragment--> <CENTER><TABLE BORDER=1 BGCOLOR="#000000" > <TR> <TD> <CENTER><P> <CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=145 BORDER=0></CENTER> </TD> <TD> <H4 ALIGN=CENTER><BR> <B><FONT COLOR="#ffa500">This <A HREF="">The Roach Fan Ring</A> site is owned by <A HREF="mailto:YOUR EMAIL HERE">YOUR NAME HERE</A>.<BR> <BR> [ <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID:rev5">Previous 5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID;sprev">Skip Previous</A> | <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID;prev">Previous</A> | <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID;next">Next</A> | <BR> | <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID;skip">Skip Next</A> | <A HREF=";id=YOUR ID;next5">Next 5 Sites</A> | <A HREF=";random">Random Site</A> | <A HREF=";list">List Sites</A> ] </FONT></b></H4> <CENTER><P><B><BLINK><FONT COLOR="#ffa500"><A HREF="">Want To Join?</A></FONT></bLINK></b></P></CENTER> </TD> </TR> </TABLE></CENTER><BR><BR> <!--END The Roach Fan Ring Fragment-->

A Sample of the ring:

This The Roach Fan Ring site is owned by The Roachbabes.

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3.Email us and tell us you want to join!

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