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Special Stuff

Pictures-Peruse our pix.Mostly taken by the Roachbabes themselves!*please clean up your drool*

Message Board-Leave a message on the board!About anything you'd like!

Top Ten Lists-Basically just us pretending we're David Letterman

Quiz-Are you a true Roachfan?Take this quiz and see

Quiz # 2-We just couldn't resist modern technology!

Our Tough Questions-Some stupid questions the Roaches actually answered for us!*gosh I love these guys*

You're Mine-(Courtesy of Rochesters original!

This Boy-(courtesy of,I believe)A classic Beatles song,done by our fave raves!

Poll Results-The polls we've had on the page,and the final results!

JJ Jackson-Our fave dj!A little,tiny,little section of devotion!

Links-A section that really doesn't need explaining.

Join Our Webring-We started a ring folks!It's exclusively for Roaches fans!

Roachfans-The Yahoo Club for fans of the Roaches!

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