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Youth Homeschoolers' Epistle.

Be patient with the chat room, if it doesn't work sometimes remember, it's free so it doesn't have to be totally perfect, right? Also it may take a minute--I don't mean a second, I mean a minute--to load.

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This website is only part of the Epistle concept. The main part is the actual Youth Homeschoolers' Epistle. It is a something between an e-zine and a newsletter, and is sent out (by email) twice a month. Oriented towards homeschooled high schoolers and young-adult alumni, this Christian newsletter is full of fellowship and fun, human-interest and humor.

Once a month, the Epistle members receive this treasure, and upon opening it, find it filled with stories, Bible verses, wily and wise sayings, writings of other subscribers, jokes, and even the odd poem. Additionally, in each issue we try to have a profile of a different Epistle member. There is a links section, in which favorite websites are sent in and published. There are many opportunities for subscribers to participate, or to simply enjoy the reading.

To subscribe, send a letter to the Editor and say something! TTFN

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