Epistle Posting Guidelines

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Here're the guidelines for posting something anywhere on this site. This includes posting to one of the message boards, to the guestbook, and what you say in any and all chatrooms out here.

1. Thou shalt remember W.W.J.D. If you're wearing it, I expect you to remember. If you're not wearing it, "WWJD" is posted here in a couple places.

If you don't know what I mean by "remember wwjd" then keep reading.

2. Thou shalt not wax profane. Thou shalt not cuss, swear, use foul language, or bless out anybody or anything, in writing, on this site. That means don't type it in.

3. Thou shalt keep all thine postings at a G or at most at a PG level. This is intended to be a clean site. If I find something posted that's objectionable I will take it off.

4. I shalt add to these guidelines as needed and as inspired.

5. Thou art finished reading.