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Recommended Herbs for Southern Gardens


Planting Season Spacing Propagation Growth Pattern Culinary Use Part Used Ornamental Use Light Requirement Harvest
Anise  (a)* Spring 12" Seed 1 1/2 -2' upright To season or garnish Seed Poor Full sun As needed. Seed when ripe
Balm- Lemon (p) Spring 12" Seed,  division 2' irregular spreading Imparts lemony flavor to tea & other cool drinks Sprigs Poor Full sun As needed or dried
Basil (a) Spring 12" Seed   To season Garden color Full sun As needed
Borage  (a)  Spring 12" Seed 2'-3' upright Imparts cool, cucumber like flavor to   summer drinks Flowers, seed Imparts color to garden Full sun

Blossoms used as they open leaves as needed

Camomile (p) Spring 12" Seed,  cuttings 6'-12" creeping An aromatic bitter Flowers, leaves Border Full sun Flowers when mature. Dry quickly
Caraway (b) Fall 12" Seed 21/2' upright irregular Seed impart aromatic flavor when cooked with food Seed Poor Full sun When ripe
Catnip (p) Spring 6"-12 Seed, or division 3'-4' Upright Use with Care Leafy tops, leaves Decorative when young sun or shade When mature
Chervil (a) Early spring 12" Seed Up to 2' compact To season & garnish images Garden color Semi- shade As needed
Chives (p) Spring 8" Seed or division 10" in clumps Onion flavor images Border plants Full sun As needed
Costmary (p) Spring 12" Seed, division 4'-5' clumps To flavor leaves Poor Full sun As needed or dried
Cumin (a) Spring 1/2" Seed 1' Upright To season bread, meat, cheese, chili & curry powder Seed Poor Full sun Cut & dry plants in fall, thresh & clean seed & store in bags
Dill (a) Spring 12" Seed 2'-3' upright To season, especially pickles leaves, seed Garden color Semi- shade Seed- when ripe.  images- as flowers open
Garlic (p) Spring 8" Sets 2' upright To flavor bulbs Poor Full sun Dig and dry mature bulbs
Ginger (p) Spring 24" Root division 2' upright Condiment Rhizome Good Partial Shade Did and dry rhizomes in the fall.
Hore- hound (p) Spring 6"-12" Seed, cuttings, divisions 3' upright Candy flavoring

images, tender stems

Gray color accent for back- ground Full sun Just before full bloom
Lavender (p) Spring 6" Seed, cuttings 1 1/2'-3' upright     Small vari- eties as border plants Full sun When first flowers open, use flowers for fragrance.
Mint (p) Spring 6" Division, cuttings 2'-3' upright leaves used for tea & flavoring images Poor Full sun Fresh- use anytime. Dry- cut and dry just as flowering begins.
Oregano (p) Spring 24" Division Spreading Flavoring leaves Poor Full sun Cut plants and dry in sell venti- lated shade. Remove leaves when dry.
Parsley (b) Early spring 12" Seed 1 1/2' To season or garnish leaves Garden color, edging Full sun As needed, or dry at 150F. until crisp
Penny- royal (p) Spring 6"-12" Division 6"-12" creeping Oil is toxic- use with care images Ground cover (some- what weedy) Sun images as needed for medicinal teas.
Rose Geranium (p) spring 6" Cuttings Slightly spreading to 4' high Adds rose flavor to jams and jellies images Pot or garden plants Full sun images anytime from mature plant.
Rose- mary (p) Fall 24" Plants, cuttings, seed 3'-6' irregular To season images Hedge, specimen plant Full sun As needed, or dry at 150F.
Sage (p) Spring, fall 18" Seed, cuttings 2' and sprawling regular To season images Fair Full sun Cut 5" of leafy top and hang in shade to dry.
Sesame (a) Spring 2"-5" Seed 2'-3' upright Condiment for bakery goods, confec- tions, candies Seed Good Full sun Harvest and dry the mature seed. Store in air-tight container.
Summer Savory (a) Spring 12" Seed 18" upright Condiment with meats & vege- tables images Poor Full sun Cut leaves at bud- ding time & dry in airy, shaded place until crisp.
Sweet Fennel (a) Spring 18" Seed 3'-4


Seed- condiment images- Anise like flower stems eaten like celery images, stems, seed Poor Full Sun Seed- when ripe images- as needed Stem- tneder flower stalk
Sweet Marjoram (p) Spring, fall 12" Seed, cuttings 8"-12" upright, irregular images- flavor   Oil- Perfume images In   borders Full sun As needed, or cut leafy stems at flowering time to dry.
Tansy, plain (p) Spring 12" Seed, cuttings Upright to 4" Condiment use sparingly images, flowers Back- ground plant Full sun

When blooms open; leaves when young.

Tarragon (p) Spring 12" Root, cuttings, division 2' irregular To flavor salads, etc. images Poor Best in partial shade As needed (fresh).
Common Thyme (p) Fall or spring 12" Seed, cuttings, division 6"-10" regular To season images Edging plant or among rocks Full sun Cut & dry leafy tops & flower clusters when first blooms open.

*(a) = annual     (b) = biennial    (p) = perennial

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