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Crohn's Disease
Tips and Advices

Alan's Tips/advices
As my own case of Crohn's disease has taught me, there is a certain difference between disease management and pain management. After resigning myself to the diagnosis, I felt there wasn't much to be done about it so I tried always to ignore my symptoms, which was a costly mistake. Treatment was available, but by not treating my disease, I allowed myself to be damaged to the point that surgery was an emergency. I would never recommend to anyone to ignore their disease--be alert to changes in your condition, usually measured by pain. I would, however, recommend to anyone to try to be familiar with the pain, accustomed to the pain, so the pain doesn't control you. Pain is hard to ignore, but if it is all that you ever think about, your life will be pain. What do I mean by that exactly? Luciano Pavarotti has a life of opera; Stephi Graffe has a life of tennis, Michael Jordan has a life of basketball; why? Because for each of these people this is mostly what they think about all the time. If you are a student who thinks about pain, you will not lead a life of study but a life of pain. Whatever is on your mind the most--that's your life. I certainly understand there are times when you can't shift your focus away from the pain; but when you can, try to make pain like the radio you listen to while you do something else. Background noise. An occasional distraction, maybe too loud sometimes. But don't just listen to that radio. You can golf in the rain, and you can play basketball in a stadium of booing fans, and so too you can lead a life with a bit of pain in it. The better you get at this the less important pain becomes. Pain won't be your friend, but with practice it won't be the enemy either. Pay enough attention to it so that you can manage your disease without damaging your body. And don't get your nose pierced either.

Ashley's Advice
Sometimes when I get sick my bum hurts. Don't be stupid and not tell anyone. Let your parents know whats wrong. Then they could take you to the doctors. That just happened to me and it made me loose 8 pounds. Now I have to drink boost to gain the weight back!!

Matt's Advices
1) Do what you can on your good days and don't do anything on your bad days
2) Find something to divert your attention on your bad days. You'd be surprised how much a good book, favorite TV show or Nintendo games can help your attitude.
3) Always take your medications, listen to your doctor and don't exert yourself
4) Use stress to your advantage

Matt's Tips
Ask your doctor for his Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) and look up a drug if you have questions about it. Ask your pharmicist to check it against other drugs you may be taking for conflicts or problems. I have learned a lot just by reading about the drugs from those 2 sources.

If you have any tips or advices you want to share, please mail me !


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