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Welcome to my website dedicated to my personal experience with Crohn’s Disease.

In 2004 I began experiencing severe pain in my stomach after eating and increased bowel movements. I thought I had a bug. Then I realized something was wrong, the pain was stronger and stronger and the trip to the bathroom was more and more frequent.

My doctor sent me for blood test, scans, and stool samples…at first I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome…They put me under a prescription drug...As my condition didn’t improve my gastroenterologist sent me for a colonoscopy…  to find out I was suffering from a disease called Crohn’s, and that was in February 2005.

From that date on, my battle against Crohns disease started.

To control my disease my doctor put me on steroids, then Pentesa therapy, the side effects were terrible, headache, nausea, depression…then on Humira just to find out “treatment with Humira may increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer" …then on..Prednisone etc.. I don’t count how many times I have been hospitalized and the number of working days I missed.

After years of switching drugs and monitoring foods that trigger it, my Crohn’s was under control but the side effects were horrible.
I was introduced to Serovera by a family friend who he sent me an article about Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccarides and Dr. Danhof. After doing some research about Serovera I decided to give a try and it literally changed my life.

Do I have flare ups once in a while? Yes but it is totally manageable. Crohn’s disease can be controlled, be positive, monitor your diet, try different approach like a gastro supplement like Serovera, keep in mind some drugs or supplements can be good for you not for others…But you have to try it, this is your life.

I am not here to promote any products (drugs or supplements) or diet, I am here the share my story and help people go over that terrible disease, if you feel like sending me an e-mail or share your story, I am more than happy to post it on my website.

Jennifer (

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