Tessellation Projects for


This WebQuest involves the completion of 4 different assignments.
You will complete 3 Tessellation Projects as an individual.
The 4th assignment involves developing PowerPoint presentation
 about tessellations with your group or as an individual.

Tessellation Project #1

You will be given a hard copy (paper copy) of this project.
Click here to access the Word document for Tessellation Project #1.

Visit the following web pages to assist you in answering the questions that are part of  Tessellation Project #1.

Regular Tessellations

Symmetry in Tessellations

M.C. Escher

Tessellation Projects #2 and #3

Projects that will be done by hand by each individual.

You will be given handouts explaining the projects in detail.
You may also access the Tessellations Projects document in Word by clicking here.

Click here to access the rubric for Tessellation Project #2.

Click here to access the scoring guide for Tessellation Project #3.

Tessellation Project #4

The presentation of what you have discovered about tessellations.

This part of Our Tessellation WebQuest involves putting together what you have learned into the creation of a PowerPoint.

 You may choose to do the presentation alone,
with another student,
or in a group of up to three individuals.

  1. Use online or printed sources (books) to help you define and describe what a tessellation is using your own words.
  2. Compare and contrast three or more different types of tessellations. You also need to discuss the various mathematical methods that can be used to create them. (Use online or printed sources to assist you.)
  3. Find out how symmetry relates to tessellations and explain how the different types of symmetry are used to create tessellations.
  4. Use The Geometer's Sketchpad(R)  or some other software or online program to create a unique tessellation (at least one per person). You may utilize the classroom computer or a computer in the school computer lab. 
  5. Find three or more examples (per person) of tessellations in the world around you. Look for unique examples. Photograph the tessellations and include them in your presentation along with a description.
  6. Present your Tessellation Projects #2 and #3 to the group as a whole.
  7. In your own words present what you have found on the history of tessellations. Relate what you have found out about some of the individuals famous for their work with tessellations?
Click here to access the scoring guide for Tessellation Project #4.

Our Tessellation WebQuest developed by Cynthia R. Parker
7th Grade Mathematics Instructor
Alice Drive Middle School
Sumter School District #17
Sumter, South Carolina
July 2004