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Photos from Aunt Vera

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Jonathan Thaddeus Griffith (90 Years Old) with grandchildren, Zera Sharp Griffith and Vera Sharp (Griffith) Morey - (about 8 months old)



Algean Oviatt (Griffith) Matson (on the far left). Next to her is her sister, Vera Sharp Griffith Morey. This was taken at the San Diego Zoo. Included in this photo are their brother, Zera's, children and grandchildren, Emily, Diane Rees, Elizabeth & Connie.


Left to right: Oliver Ira Griffith, Gordon Dean Griffith, Mary Jane (Sharp Griffith) Lyons, Algean Oviatt Griffith


On the far left: Alferetta Oviatt Sharp (Note: her name has been incorrectly spelled as Alveretta in the past and in the caption here. The correct spelling is Alferetta.) On the far right: Mary Jane Sharp (Alferetta's daughter). Boy on the far right in front is Oliver Ira Griffith. Child in the middle of the wagon might be Gordon Dean Griffith. We don't know who the others are.


Frances Alferetta Oviatt Griffith (again with her name misspelled on the photo itself) and Oliver Ira Griffith





Oliver Ira Griffith and Mary Jane (Sharp) Lyons, Stockton, CA 1930


Left to right: James Harris Griffith, Mary Jane Sharp (friend & son), Frances Alferetta Sharp, Ira Griffith


Left to right: Mary Jane (Sharp) Griffith, Alferetta Oviatt Sharp, Ira Griffith, Annie Despain Lyons & children, Vera's Grandpa Johnathan Thaddeus Griffith